The Lyttelton Report: the old, the new, and the canine

It’s all go portside at the moment, as we at Lyttelton Library watch the repairs proceeding apace from our temporary perch up the hill in the Recreation Centre’s Trinity Hall on Winchester Street. The in-progress library now has a dashing white coat of paint (goodbye pink!), lovely new double-glazed windows, and a smart new resident outside…

Hector and Lyttelton LibraryThis gorgeous bronze sled dog, nicknamed Hector, was sculpted by Mark Whyte and stands guard by what will be our new customer entrance. He’s looking towards Quail Island, where his real-life predecessors were housed and trained. Hector is there to recognise and celebrate Lyttelton’s contribution to exploration in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and he symbolises the courage, commitment and comradeship of all those involved. (He’s also a hit with local kids and tourists – it seems the thing to do is have your selfie taken with Hector wearing your sunglasses!)

Meanwhile, inside the library, the new spaces are starting to take shape. Here are a few shots of the work in progress:

Looking at the new children's area (old entrance on London Street).
Looking at the new children’s area (old entrance on London Street).
Looking at the new entrance on the corner of London and Canterbury Streets.
Looking at the new entrance on the corner of London and Canterbury Streets.
Main library space with newly opened up porthole view over the harbour.
Main library space with newly opened up porthole view over the harbour.

We’re enjoying our current sojourn in sunny Trinity Hall (particularly with Jenny the giraffe watching over everything) and looking forward to next year, when we’ll be back in the heart of things (and the Saturday market) again!

Lyttelton Library is due to reopen in March 2017.

Lyttelton Library's temporary home, watched over by Jenny the giraffe.
Lyttelton Library’s temporary home, watched over by Jenny the giraffe.

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Lyttelton Library

Lyttelton Library is moving and you can help!

The Lyttelton Library in London Street is relocating. It will close at 1pm Saturday 30 January and relocate to Trinity Hall, 25 Winchester Street. It will open at its new location Monday 15 February.

Earthquake repairs and strengthening and a full refurbishment will be carried out on the London Street building from February to November 2016.

You can help! Lighten the load of books to be moved from the London Street library site. Max out your library card by borrowing books, DVDs, magazines and CDs, then return your books to Trinity Hall.

Lyttelton Library

소리질러!!! “수고하셨습니다. 행복 하세요”

Korean books
Korean books, Flickr Korean-Nov-2015-IMG_1490.jpg

12월입니다. 바빠지는 마음 한켠이 허한 이유는 왜일까요……. 그래도 스스로를 쓰다듬으며 위로해 봅니다.

아이들의 여름방학을 위해 도서관에서 준비한 행사를 소개 합니다.

Central Peterborough Library도서관에서12월 12일 2시에서 3시 까지Star Wars Day를 준비했습니다. 멋진 Star Wars 복장으로 참석해서 신나는 시간 보내세요. 누구나 참석 할 수 있습니다.

2015 Summertime Reading Club이 12월 18일 부터 시작됩니다. 16세 이하 모든 아이들이 대상이며, iPad가 0-6세, 7-12세, 그리고 13-16세 나이별 상품으로 걸려있습니다. 읽은 책으로 Adventure map을 완성해서 도서관으로 내년 1월 18일까지 가져오세요. 각 도서관 마다 다양한 방학 행사가 준비되어 있습니다.

Halswell preschoolers preview the Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre
Halswell preschoolers preview the Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre, Flickr CCLTeHāpua-2015-11-27-Halswell—08/22708371403

Haswell 도서관이 Te Hāpua Halswell Centre로 새로이 탄생한거 아시죠. 멋진 도서관과 수영장 그리고 카페….가족과 함께 방문해 보세요. Lyttelton 도서관이 지진 보수 공사로 인해 내년 2월 부터 11월까지 The Trinity Hall에 임시 도서관을 운영 됩니다. JP Clinic은 계속 됩니다. 연말 연시 도서관 휴무 시간표 꼭 확인하세요.

이달에 소개할 책들입니다.

Korean books
Korean books, Flickr Korean-Nov-2015-IMG_1487.jpg

문학과 지성사에서 펴낸 심상대 작가의 ‘나쁜봄’, Koea.com에서 나온 김성령의 ‘바이슬 시티’ Twilight를 재미 있게 읽으셨다면 주예은 작가의 ‘데미엔젤’을 시도해 보세요. 가족의 건강을 위한 ‘힘내라! 우리가족 가운나는 보양식’ 그리고 ‘엄마가 읽는 동의보감’. 여러분 모두의 건강을 위한 ‘천연식초를 알면 암은 없다’ 와 새로이 시작해 볼만한 건강 다이어트의 추천서 ‘로푸드 다이어트’. 우리 아이들을 제대로 알고, 함께하고 싶은 엄마 아빠를 위한 오은영 선생님의 ‘가르치고 싶은 엄마 놀고 싶은 아이’와 김영훈 박사님의 ‘빨라지는 사춘기’ 신인철 작가의 ‘가족과 1시간’을 소개합니다.

건강하게 2015년 마무리하시고, 나의 행복 바이러스, 만나는 모든 분들과 함께 나누며 활짝 웃어 볼까요. 소리 질러!!! “ 수고하셨습니다.  행복 하세요

Mind-blowing billboards at Lyttelton

Billboard of Lyttelton by Jae Renaut
Harbour Light Cinema

No, they’re not election-related, and hopefully the graffiti vandals will stay away.

The wonderful billboards are Jae Renaut’s exhibition of enlarged black and white photographs of some of Lyttelton’s lost heritage buildings.

Three images have so far gone up on the sites of the original buildings: the Salvation Army Barracks, the Harbour Light, and the old Civic Offices/Library.

This has been courtesy of a grant from Creative NZ, but the images are a collaborative labour of love. While the billboard photos are Jae’s, the recycled matai frames surrounding them are the work of local instrument maker Peter Stephen.

Christchurch City Libraries have supported the exhibition with a display of information on the historic buildings of Lyttelton in the Lyttelton Library. Jae has also donated his collection of black and white images of Lyttelton residential and commercial buildings to the library.

Lyttelton billboard by Jae Renaut
Salvation Army Barracks

The boards will be up for some time so there are no excuses for missing the exhibition; however why not kill two birds with one stone (only figuratively speaking, please!) and make a day of it on Sunday 31 August to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Lyttelton Road Tunnel? You will be able to walk, bike, or skate through the Tunnel and enjoy a special market day too.

Jae  is hoping to get more billboards up as he gets more funding; in the interim you can view other images in his collection and find out more information on the project’s website.

Lyttelton billboard by Jae Renaut
Borough Council / Library Building

WWKIP Day = Better living through stitching together

My knitting pattern usually has the following phrase: “Knit to end of row”.

In Central Library Peterborough, people will really be doing that. Do you have a UFO (Unfinished Object)  or a WIP (Work In Progress)? Then grab it and come on down to the library on Saturday June 14 from 10 am-12 noon and join in as Central Library Peterborough and Knit World join hundreds of knitters around the world for World Wide Knit In Public Day.

There is also a session at Lyttelton Library.

It will be great. Sitting and knitting or doing crochet with like-minded crafters, sharing ideas, discussing patterns and quietly counting stitches. If you find knitting to be thirsty work, then hot drinks and food will be available.

Cover of Stashbuster KnitsCover of Knitting for PeaceCover of 30-Minute Knits

As for me, I’m going to be at work on Saturday.  However I will bring along my knitting bag containing my latest WIP  and, at lunchtime, between sips of coffee and bites of sandwiches, I’ll k2 *p2 k2* rep to end, turn.

If you need some inspiration, check out the following:

And, in the spirit of crowdsourcing, why not share your favourite resources, or tales and photos of your WIPs and UFOs (or even completed projects)?