What do you say Christchurch – the money or the bag?

Cover image of "Fifty bags that changed the world"Since February 22, I have become a bag lady. I’d rather be a money bags, but oh well … what is it they say about beggars not being able to be choosers? It is handy that everything I own can fit into one tote bag, though. My life has become extremely portable. I am never without my essentials.

If I was crafty, I’d spend the winter making bags, so my belongings can have a change of scene every once in a while. I’ve always just been a practical one handbag and one travel bag kind of girl – unlike some of my friends who’ve got enough to stock a shop – but maybe it’s time to change. Maybe it’s time to be bag fabulous.

I could add a laptop bag, a bum bag, a lunch bag and several shopping bags to my collection . I could co-ordinate them with my outfits, and decorate them with beads and buttons and badges. The possibilities are endless.

Cover image of "Fashion accessories"Are you a bag lady (or bloke) too? Or do you favour satchels? What things do you carry with you wherever you go? Has the contents of your handbag changed post-quake?

And if you’re keen to watch the original It’s in the Bag, check out this series of clips from NZ on Screen.