Library Week Photos #2 – Libraries on display

We are sharing some photos of our libraries, to celebrate Library Week.
Here are some of library displays, because we love to show our wares.


View more photos of library displays on our Flickr site.

Library Week photos #1 – Libraries on wheels

We are sharing some photos of our libraries, to celebrate Library Week
The Mobile Library connects the community with Christchurch City Libraries – here are some images of buses of the past.



View more Mobile Library images on our Flickr site

It’s Library Week 10 – 16 August

325x120It’s a double whammy Library Week this year as Christchurch City Libraries celebrates its 150th birthday as well.

The theme this year is Escape, Explore, Discover. These have always been the stuff of which libraries are made.

There are some cool competitions – videoing, graphic novels, and writing.

There’s a history of Library Week on the brilliant site.

S0 celebrate by loving your local library – visit for a relaxing read, borrow a book, mag or CD / DVD,  apply for a job, use the free internet, read council documents and have your say, attend an event (I listened to some beautiful music at Hornby Library on Saturday and am looking forward to groovy foodie Richard Till and Zinefest).

To paraphrase the Manic Street Preachers (the opening line of their anthem A design for life):

Libraries give us power

Confessions of a wannabe Children’s Librarian

I need to confess, admit, relieve myself of a secret …. I have never read Harry Potter, any of them in fact, there is always something more interesting to do. Normally I would fear that such an admission would end my nascent career as a Children’s Librarian, but I have rights as a reader – I have the right NOT to read.

According to Daniel Pennac, in his wonderful book the Rights of the Reader, I have other rights too, so whilst I am celebrating my new found rights here are some more of my secrets

  • I have the right to skip – I have only ever read the beginning and end of Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass
  • I have the right not to finish a book – I didn’t finish Joy Cowley’s Snake and Lizard
  • I have the right to read again – I have lost count of the number of times I have read I’m not cute by Jonathan Allen as it is soo cute!!
  • I have the right to read anything – I have read all the Tiara Club series by Vivian French!
  • I have the right to mistake a book for real life – Oh I could so see me as Christina in the Flambards series.
  • I have the right to read anywhere – even whilst walking!!
  • I have the right to dip in- a quick dip into Where the sidewalk ends by Shel Silverstein always brightens up my day, but I don’t think I have read all of it!
  • I have the right to read out loud – The Diary of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine just begs me to read it out loud to anyone, anything that will listen.In fact I am sure the sitting room plants are looking glossier and have sprouted a few more leaves since I read it to them!
  • The right to be quiet – even whilst reading in a noisy café, I want my own sphere of quiet and peace to luxuriate in reading or not!

So be embarrassed no more about not reading a book, celebrate your favourite reading spot, and read that passage out loud to anyone who is passing with gusto and passion, as we readers have RIGHTS!! During Library Week the Centre for the Child is going to CELEBRATE these RIGHTS!! We want to know how you celebrate and delight in your rights as a reader.