Go fly a kite

Cover of Just A KiteDo you remember what your first kite was like? Mine was made out of brown wrapping paper. It had a picture of John, Paul, George and Ringo that had been carefully cut out of a magazine stuck on it. It didn’t fly very well at all.

Cover of KitesI was not deterred, and over the years I owned many kites that flew. I don’t own a kite at the moment, but I wouldn’t mind having a go at making one and taking it down to New Brighton beach and flying it. Kite Day is going to be on January 30th, and if I don’t get my kite to fly, I will get to enjoy those that do. I love the way that the small kites seem to duck and weave their way between the huge colourful kites.

So if you are like me and love kites, head on down to the New Brighton Beach, south of the Pier, on Saturday, 30th January between 1.30pm – 4.30pm with your kite and join in the fun.

Streets Kite Day, New Brighton 2015
Streets Kite Day – New Brighton 2015, Flickr 2015-01-24-IMG_4948
Streets Kite Day, New Brighton 2015
Streets Kite Day – New Brighton 2015, Flickr 2015-01-24-IMG_4942

Enjoy the simple fun of watching the sky

CoverDid you ever rip up an old sheet to make a tail for a kite? Or make flour and water paste to stick down the newspaper of your soon-to-be-flying creation?

Even if you didn’t, the simple joy of flying a kite can be yours for a few coins – or you can watch other people do it for free at New Brighton on Saturday. It’s Kite Day – head along with the whanau and re-discover the simple fun of watching the sky.

Come fly a manu tukutuku (kite)

…or two.

Not long until Tip Top Kite Day, what a great day out for the whole whanau!

If you want to make a kite on the day, come along to the New Brighton Library on the 29th of January between 12 and 3pm and you can craft your own flying device at a fun session put together by Creative Junk  and the New Brighton Project.

Mr Nicholls' Kites flying at New Brighton Library
Come to the New Brighton Library and have a peek at the cool kites on display courtesy of Mr Jim Nicholls.

Would you like to know more about kites? Check out the latest info on the Christchurch City Libraries webpage.

Te Manu Tukutuku
Would you like some books about kites?

Oh! And the Buskers Festival  will be on at New Brighton on that weekend too!

Fun times ahead, New Brighton certainly is Canterbury’s Playground.