Bishopdale is back!

I can, I can, I know I can!

Bishopdale, the little library that could, is back.

In the same spirit as The Little Engine That Could: I can, I can , I know I can, Bishopdale did.

If you were about in those life altering months after the 22nd February 2011, you might remember Bishopdale as the glue that held the northern suburbs together. It was the first library to open after the quake and one of only two libraries open in the whole of Christchurch. It was a pulsating hive of activity. Think overjoyed customers, accompanied by  recently unleashed children, attended to by chocolate-biscuit fuelled staff,  knee deep in a gazillion returns and you have just about got the stereophonic measure of it.

And then it all stopped on the 4th November 2011: the premises did not meet the building code.

But now it is back, just down from where it was before, and what a great little space it is. Not just open, but open and welcoming and trialling several new initiatives that will keep the Bishopdale customers ahead of the pack.

Yet when you stand in the new space, you can’t help but think back to the Bishopdale that was: the maze-like arrangement of the non-fiction section – where it really was possible to become quite seriously disoriented, the lone public computer at the back of the library (the choice of those of furtive intent), the lovely little posies of flowers on the issues desk, the staff toilet door that could be locked from the outside – and thereby hangs a tale or two….

Not everything has changed though. There’s still the same lovely library staff, the same excellent service from Christchurch Libraries, the same neat selection of items and the same beautiful art work on the walls.

Photo of Kaitiakitanga - art work by Gavin Britt

Bishopdale is back , ready to create new memories. Can’t wait to see you there!