Canterbury lamb in its ultimate, appetising form

We continue our food-related series for Records and Archives Week, with this tasty image:

Canterbury lamb in its ultimate, appetising form

The text reads: “Every year, ships load at Lyttelton and other ports with thousands of frozen carcases from the freezing works. Thus, the lambs which grazed on the on the sunny Canterbury Plains find their way to feed the British people”.

It’s a page from a wonderful pamphlet, Christchurch, New Zealand, city of beautiful gardens and parklands, tourist centre of the South Island. It’s well worth a look.

River crossing cars, 1903 style

Ranger Motor and Cycle Company

Both these cars were specially designed to cross rivers. They were exhibited at the Canterbury A & P Show, by the Ranger Motor and Cycle Company, in 1903. Do you have any information on these vehicles, or the company? Please contact us if you’d like to share it. We also accept donations.

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