Five generations of a family: Picturing Canterbury

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Five generations of an old Banks Peninsula family, the Wrights
Pictured are Mrs James Wright (wife of the Baron of Wakamoa), her daughter Mrs Glynan, her granddaughter Mrs Londrigan, her great-granddaughter Mrs Harty, and her great-great-granddaughter Eileen Harty. At the time Mrs Wright had 236 descendants living.

The late Hon. H. K. Taiaroa, M.L.C., with his wife and two of his children.: Picturing Canterbury

Photo of Taiaroa whanau
The late Hon. H. K. Taiaroa, M.L.C., with his wife and two of his children.
The Hon. Hori Kerei Taiaroa was a principal chief of the Ngai Tahu and in the late 1870s built a large two-storey house at Taumutu which was named ‘Awhitu’. He moved his family, stock and other belongings there from the marae at Otakou (Taiaroa Heads). The Taiaroa family subsequently played an important part in the development of the Taumutu district. He variously represented the Maori people both in the Legislative Council and the House of Representatives from May 1871 until his death on 5 August 1905. His wife’s name was Mrs Tawa Tini Taiaroa, reported to have been a remarkable woman.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin & Tearooms: Picturing Canterbury

Photo of Uncle Tom's cabin
Uncle Tom’s Cabin & Tearooms, North New Brighton, Christchurch : pictured are the proprietor and his wife and daughters who all worked in the store.
On 3 July 1912, a Post Office was added to the General Store and Telephone Bureau run by Edward Shuell. Mr Shuell remained the Postmaster and Telephonist until the office was moved in April 1916. From left to right: Annie, Matilda (wife), Ethel (standing), Beatrice (later postmistress), Emilie and Edward Shuell (proprietor and postmaster).

Mums and chubsters: Picturing Canterbury

Photo of mothers and children
Proud mothers and their chubby children. Prize- winners in the baby competition, which was a feature of the picnic held at Kowhai [Kowai] Bush, by the combined staffs of the Christchurch City Council.

Words for Christchurch: Madeleine Slavick


Madeleine Marie Slavick is the author of several books of poetry and non-fiction, and has exhibited her photography internationally. She lives between New Zealand and Hong Kong and maintains a daily blog:

One Week after the earthquake

Yesterday, at 12:51, silence. Today, a coffin painted in New Zealand seascape for a man named Joseph stays in the ground. I am sitting between two Maori women, who are facebooking friends in Christchurch, asking what they might need. Hand sanitiser, they are told. Also gas canisters, guitar strings, coffee beans. A woman living in a cordoned-off zone says that people in the city are changing, staring into ‘middle distance’, not spontaneously greeting each other anymore. A student in a hospital holds the hands of the people who rescued her. She says, ‘I trust you’ and smiles. She laughs her first laughs in a week.
Photo: Covered vineyards, Martinborough, New Zealand

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