Ice-cream for Christmas

Cover of The 12 days of ChristmasI love Christmas time. It can be stressful – like when the entire extended family unexpectedly descends on your house Christmas Day. And it can be disappointing – like when Santa gives you Action Woman instead of the beautiful, tutu-clad, Active Sindy you asked for. Yup, Christmas can bring out the Grinch in the best of us. But still, I love Christmas.

I love setting up the tree, getting out the decorations and remembering where I bought this one, or when I made that one.

And I love Christmas food. All those delicious things that we have only once a year (and then eat as leftovers for dayafterwards – there’s really nothing better in this world than left-over trifle for breakfast!). I have a few tried and true recipes that I make every year. My specialty is Chocolate Bombe Noel, a rich, chocolate-y, ice-cream dessert packed full of dried fruit, glace cherries, and white chocolate drops. It’s frozen in a bowl then turned out, so it looks like figgy pudding, only yummier, and much more suited to a Southern Hemisphere Christmas dinner.

Mum’s been making Chocolate Bombe Noel since I was a kid, so when I moved out I rang her to ask for the recipe, but — horrors – she’d lost the book! I decided that Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without it, so I turned to the library for help. Luckily, Mum remembered the book was Margaret Fulton’s Book of Ices and Cold Desserts, but the library didn’t have it! This was before I’d even dreamt of becoming a librarian, and I’d never heard of Interloans, so imagine my surprise and delight when the librarian told me that they could get it from another library in New Zealand.

Cover for Ice Cream & other frozen delights The book duly arrived from Invercargill, and I’ve made Chocolate Bombe Noel every Christmas since. Even when it meant driving across town on a 30 degree day with rapidly melting ice-cream that had to be raced to the freezer ready to be shared with family after dinner. Even the year I was pregnant with Number Two who was due on November 11; I figured I might be a little busy in December, so I made it early – and the Young Lad arrived a week later.

Today the Young Lad helped me make this year’s bombe – although helping mainly involved putting on an apron and looking on while I worked. And blocking his ears when I started up the electric beater. Miss Missy helped with licking the beater.

Although we don’t have Margaret Fulton’s Book of Ices and Cold Desserts, we do have a couple of her Christmas recipe books. If you’re looking for some last minute Christmas dinner inspiration, we have plenty of Christmas themed recipe books to give you ideas. We also have some  ice-cream recipe books you might like to check out.


For those of you who are interested in the recipe, please see the comments