Slave Power by Raewyn Dawson

CoverKate R, a Year 11 student at Riccarton High School – read the new book Slave Power by Christchurch author Raewyn Dawson. Here’s what she thought:

Slave Power by Raewyn Dawson is an exhilarating, exciting and breathtaking book about a young girl named Melo who fights to save the riders of the Wild Horse Tribe from her old rival and fellow rider Mithrida from attacking and destroying their tribe.

Suddenly Melo is kidnapped by the City Slave Traders she finds herself on the Holy Island as a slave. While Melo and the other slaves are being trained as fighting soldiers, they make friends with each other and try figure out a plan to escape being slaves when they get back to the mainland.

On the Holy Island, Sofia, a young priestess in training, wonders why strangers have landed suddenly on their small island. As she tries to find out , she becomes friends with Melo and the other Slaves and tries to help them connect with the Black Rock and overpower their kidnappers.

Back in the Wild Horse Tribe, Mithrida has destroyed the plains and has forced the Wild Horse Tribe and their fellow Eagle Tribe to join forces and try to take Mithrida down forever.

In the end, the slaves make it back safely to the mainland but have sadly lost Lady Tutea (leader of the Eagle Tribe who joined them in battle ), and finally found Mithrida and sentenced her to execution.

Slave Power is an amazing book with good descriptions but there are some quite sad and descriptive parts in this book that may be disturbing for children to read. The age this should be recomended for is between 14 and above.

Settling into the new school year

book coverWhether you have a new entrant or a not-so-little-one off to high school, our libraries have the resources to guide you through.

For the little ones, we have readiness for school books including New Zealand titles.

We have many books about school for children to read. These range from beginner reader up, and include titles in Maori, Tongan, Niuean, Samoan and Rarotongan.

For the big kids off to high school we have a great school page on our teens website The Pulse which has links to NCEA topics, exam info, school survival, further education and the online resource Student Research Centre.

We also have resources on family involvement in schools and conflict with schools.

Don’t forget to be organised for school lunches.

There are great homeschooling resources on shelf in our libraries and many online resources available through our website for all students and parents.

The library website has a homework help page and our librarians are online to help with find resources for homework.

So good luck for the year ahead and remember your local library is here to help.