Watering the elephants

Circus elephants in the AvonToday as a society we feel pretty strongly about circus elephants. Kiwi kids are less and less likely to have the chance to see a real elephant unless they go to Auckland Zoo or travel abroad.

In 1934 things were a lot different, and I have to admit it made Christchurch seem a pretty colourful place as shown by this picture of Wirth’s circus elephants being watered in the Avon river between the Armagh and Victoria bridges.

How we were – central Christchurch 1978

Map of Christchurch I suppose Google Maps and Google Earth have taken over now, but I do love maps like this with the buildings drawn on them in 3D. Use the Zoomify feature to look closely at this map of central Christchurch in 1978 from our digital map collection.

The detail is amazing and you can see what buildings were on the site of the Central Library (which was not built until 1982).

Christchurch – Venice of the South?

Picture of heritage mapPost earthquake redevelopment of  Christchurch will no doubt include some out of left field ideas. In 1906 some bright sparks were looking to build a canal and harbour  for Christchurch. According to the details on the map they drew up the canal involved the construction of a mole from the entrance of the Avon Heathcote estuary  and then ran through Woolston to wharves right beside Lancaster Park (AMI Stadium today). The proposed harbour basin featured at least six wharves.

Check out the map in detail with the great Zoomify feature we have on all our digital maps.