Do you have a little poetry in you?

Cover of Haiku Poetry Ancient & ModernIt’s National Poetry Day on August 16th and you still have time to enter a little poem in our competition.

You could flirt with the 17 syllables of haiku, free range like e. e. cummings or dash off a sonnet.

Something short in other words.

Not that I’m suggesting that writing a short poem is easy, not if my blogging experience is anything to go by. A long time ago, we bloggers were challenged to write blogs of under 100 words on Canterbury. I produced four Pineapple Lumps blogs. They were the most difficult blogs I have ever written.

But here’s a thought: maybe tweets are the new haiku. With a limit of 140 characters and inspiring examples in Twitter Wit, could this be a new way to acknowledge Poetry Day 2013?