Five years ago: 4 September 2010

Five years ago today, Christchurch and Canterbury were shaken awake at 4.35am by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. My neighbours and family wandered around the corner to see this on Victoria Street.

Daily Bagel and Covent Fruit Centre September 4 2010, Kete Christchurch

Knox Church, 4 September 2010.

Knox Church, 4 September 2010. Kete Christchurch.

Our first library blog post on 4 September 2010:

Christchurch experienced a major earthquake this morning 4.35am, Saturday 4 September 2010 …

Our book chat switched into Civil Defence, community information, library info, and ideas to look after the kids. (see our September 2010 posts).

Central Library : after the quake

Central Library : after the quake. Flickr CCL-CE-2010-09-08-DSC02045

WiFi users outside the Central Library

WiFi users outside the Central Library Even though the library is closed due to the earthquake customers are still happy using the free Wi Fi, 7 September 2010. Flickr CCL-CE-2010-09-07-DSC01928

Here’s some snippets of memory from 4 September 2010:

  • A few objects fell down in the house, but the kitchen was almost untouched, except for a container of oil which left a big oil slick on the floor.
  • After the initial drama of getting out of the house we made contact with their neighbours in the other three flats. When we had calmed a bit, we began to venture around the neighbourhood. Around the corner, the Daily Bagel building had collapsed on to the street.
  • We never lost power and were without water for only a short time. Our place became a gathering point for friends who came to charge phones and use the internet.
  • Our chimney came down.
  •  Dad was in Dunedin and immediately hitched a ride back on a truck – probably the only person trying to get to Christchurch!

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