Global Football Fever

Christchurch is in the midst of global football fever. This coming weekend the finals of the Global Football Festival take place at Bexley Reserve.

Supporters from many cultures will crowd the touch lines to cheer on their teams. Delicious ethnic food stalls will help to keep the fans fed throughout the day. The passion that football generates around the world in widely different cultures will be on full display.

About the only thing that probably won’t be happening is the Kiwi football fans’ tradition of stripping off their shirts when their team is winning. For demonstrations of this you can tune in to the semi finals of the A League where the Wellington Phoenix will go head to head with the Newcastle Jets at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington. (An event leading to dreadful headlines like “Phoenix sure to rise at Cake Tin” !).

If you are a football newby we have some great books in our catalogue – try Nick Hornby’s little classic Fever Pitch for a look at serious football fandom.