We do things differently

Cover of We do things differently Every now and then a book comes along that packs a big enough punch that I feel as if I’m flying through the air. We do things differently: The outsiders rebooting our world has me landing feet first with the feeling I can walk into the future.

Travelling across four continents author Mark Stevenson sets out to meet people who have created, and are using, extraordinary new ways to help our world.

“I had one over riding criterion for inclusion in my itinerary. The innovators had to be succeeding right now in the real world. Whatever their idea, I wanted to be able to touch it, meet the people making and benefiting from it… It had to be working and I had to be able to see it working.”

From growing rice to running machines on air We Do Things Differently is a remarkable look at here and now.

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Looking at the Future

The great Australian news magazine, The Bulletin, has ceased publication, but this website still gives you access to many of their articles and reviews. A recent article I read with interest was Ten Life Changing Trends by futurist Richard Watson. His 10 trends for the future are:

  • Concious capitalism “embracing a model in which shareholders, employees, customers, and the environment are all deemed important.”
  • Making things ” resurgence of interest in arts and crafts” Internet technology enables people with specific hobbies to communicate and share ideas, plus a longing to slow down and participate in more meaningful activities.
  • Robotics
  • Industrial provenance “emergence of ethical and environmental concerns (and) the issue of traceability……opportunity for local suppliers to create product biographies, with details of social and environmental impacts of everything from manufacturing and distribution to disposal.”
  • Data Visualisation ” Our new visual culture is partly a response to Too Much Information but it is also a reaction to time famine.”
  • Data mining
  • Rhythm and balance ” People will seek out quietness and islands of tranquillity”
  • Intimacy “move back towards a small number of more intimate relationships……Spaces (and services) that allow people to engage in face-to-face conversation. Also old-fashioned communications like letter writing and actual meetings”
  • Fantasy and escape “more people escape via everything from physical emigration to movies and virtual worlds.” Continue reading