Cosplay and Comics at Papanui Library

Love reading and drawing your own comics? Do you want help with your drawing, assistance with your technique and tips on comics, publishing etc and a free comic? All of this for no charge? Right then get yourself signed up for our free comic drawing workshop at Papanui Library with Spencer Hall, artist/cartoonist. The workshop is for ages 12-18, registered attendees only and a limit of 30. We won’t let you go hungry either, there will be pizzas from Hell.

comic book day posterThere was a waiting list of disappointed young cartoonists last year so don’t delay, break out the light sabers, shake out those capes, slap on the face paint and come dressed as your favourite comic book/Manga character and be in for a prize.

International Free Comic Book Day is on Saturday 7 May this year but our event, which will include free comics courtesy of Comics Compulsion, will be on Saturday 21 May.

The selection of free comics this year ranges from Dark Horse to Archie to Strawberry Shortcake to Titan’s Assassins Creed to Love and Rockets. Something for all tastes.

To see what you might be missing check out last year’s pictures.

Meanwhile back at the library our comic book collection grows apace. We have comic books about Men who dress as Bats, Women as Cats, Green Men, muscly men, and animals that talk, Bart Simpson and Adventures, Mysteries, Funnies, Scareys, the lot. I was delighted to see Scrooge McDuck, nephew Donald and the Beagle Boys make a comeback in hard cover. Made me quite nostalgic for my young reading self.

Free Comic Book Day

On Free Comic Book Day – Saturday 2 May 2015 –  I went to Comics Compulsion in Papanui, and we bought a My Little Pony comic and got some freebies.

Meanwhile 31 teens were at Papanui Library celebrating Free Comic Book Day with a fun workshop and pizza and comic swap. Spencer Hall and Elijah Lopez, two graphic artists, helped the budding comic-makers with drawing technique tips and advice.  Comics Compulsion came to the party with free comics.

Free Comic Day at Papanui Library

Spencer thought the teens “made some really great work!” He animated some of their pictures together on his blog.

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Hey Kids, FREE Comic Books!

Just like in Immortal Iron Fist #8 when the 7 celestial cities align after 88 years apart so that their Immortal Weapons can do combat in the ultimate tournament to decide who has the best kung fu, here on Earth once every 365 days comic publishers throughout North America combine their powers in order that we mortals may have Free Comic Book Day!!

On the first Saturday of May each year most of the major North American comic book publishers each produce a comic book to give away free, yes free! So make sure you visit your friendly neighbourhood comic book shop tomorrow May 2nd and they will give you, get this (!), free comics!

With the majority of titles aimed at an all-ages readership there’s some great reads for everybody. Check out the new Owly comic (and the very surreal Korgi story inside) for one of my personal favorites. Flav-of-the-month Wolverine appears in Marvel Comics Avengers give-away (drawn by the always awesome Jim Chueng), snkkt! Not to mention Savage Dragon, The Simpsons, Aliens/Predator, Usagi Yojimbo

For those other 364 days, there’s always a heap of great comics free at your local library. Some of the highlights of recent additions to our catalogue include: Sandman (Absolute editions), Invincible vol.4, Tales of the Batman, Fables vol.11, Welcome to Hoxford, Scott Pilgrim vol.5, Joker, Owly vol.5, All Star Superman vol.2… (yes, i could just keep going)

May your kung fu always be good kung fu.