New Zealand Fashion in pictures: Our Flickr

For New Zealand Fashion Week we’re sharing some of our favourite images of New Zealand fashion.

The Christchurch City Libraries Flickr account is a treasure trove of local images. We have photos of library events and displays, things we see around the city (buildings coming down, and going up), but we also have photos that have been donated for digitising from members of staff and the public, often as part of our annual Photo Hunt competition.

And, my word, there are some great outfits captured in those photos. Here is just a selection  –

Fantastic frocks

Papanui High School Prefects and House Captains
Papanui High School Prefects and House Captains, 1948, Flickr File reference: HW08-IMG-FE066
Mother and Daughter
Mother and Daughter, 1951, Flickr File reference: HW08-IMG-HA081
Wendy & Ina Bradley
Wendy & Ina Bradley, Circa 1967, Flickr File reference: HW08-CE134
Debutante Ball, Akaroa
Debutante Ball, Akaroa, 1969, Flickr File reference: HW08-img-fe113
Three cousins
Three cousins, 1971, Flickr File reference:HW08-img-ce104

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Here’s looking at Flickr – more than 3 million views

To celebrate cracking the 3 million views mark on our Flickr photostream, here are some photos to capture your imagination.

Our most interesting image, as Flickr sees it:

Hospital corner, winter morning 1960s
Hospital corner, winter morning 1960s 1959-1960s This scene was photographed by my father and features a PA Vauxhall Velox with bicycle protruding from the boot. Flickr: HW08-D-013-Hospital_Cnr Heritage Week 2008 Competition Entry Highly commended – 1960s category

Some more in the “interesting” section:

Storytime at the Library
Storytime at the Library Storytime at the children’s section of the Canterbury Public Library still has lots of appeal with city youngsters during the school holidays. Here Margaret McPherson (Children’s Librarian) reads to a group Apeared in the Christchurch Star Home edition 13 May 1968 page3 Flickr: CCL-Star-525
A Standard Vanguard Phase III shown being assembled
A Standard Vanguard Phase III shown being assembled At the assembly plant of Motor Assemblies South Island Ltd in Tuam Street, between Barbadoes and Madras Streets, Christchurch circa 1960 Flickr: Reference: CCL-KPCD-11-048 From the Canterbury Progress League Archives, Christchurch City Libraries Archive 72

Our most viewed image:

Flooded Avon River on Oxford Terrace
Flooded Avon River on Oxford Terrace Wednesday 5 March 2014. Flickr: 2014-03-05-IMG_2335

And a few more that have clocked up many looks:

Harewood Airport
Harewood Airport 1954 Staff from No. 4 Hanger. Name of aircraft “PEHO” (D.C 3). This plane was built 20 March 1945 as a freighter for the RNZAF for use as a paratrooper.  Flickr: HWC08-UR-030a Heritage Week 2008 Competition Entry
Bibliographic Services
Bibliographic Services November 1993 Flickr: CCL-150-403

See more images:

Libraries, brownies, planes, quakes, & wifi: Our top 5 Flickr pics

Christchurch City Libraries joined photo sharing site Flickr in August 2008. We have just passed the milestone on 1,500,000 page views (after having reached the million mark on 23 October 2012). Coincidentally, this is also our 3500th blog post!

Here the current all-time most popular photos on our Flickr:

Public Library, Christchurch, N.Z.
Canterbury Public Library building
Circa 1903-1907 (before the YMCA was built on the other corner in 1908). Postcard, Maoriland Series
Tanner Bros 518

Harewood Airport
Harewood Airport 1954
Staff from No. 4 Hanger. Name of aircraft “PEHO” (D.C 3). This plane was built 20 March 1945 as a freighter for the RNZAF for use as a paratrooper. The aircraft went to the National Airways Corporation 29 September 1947 and went back to the Air Force 20 February 1967.

WiFi users outside the Central Library
Even though the library is closed due to the earthquake customers are still happy using the free Wi Fi. 7 September 2010.

Little Brownie Judith
Little Brownie Judith. 1973. Christchurch. Judith, aged about 7, in her Brownie uniform.

Central Library : after the quake
Central Library after the quake. 8 September 2010.

Library books look hot hot hot

BooksThe Library books photo essay flickr group pool is a great way to visualise your reading.
In solitary volumes, or exuberant piles – show off your library books.

Kiwi librarian Penny (pdugmore2001 on Flickr) had the ingenious idea of taking photos of  library books.

I’m keen, and have added some of mine.
Book covers are so darn attractive, and it’s a neat way to remember what you’ve had out of the library too.

So feel free to add your photos (& use the tag “Christchurch City Libraries” for extra local flavour).

And show off your sexy selection of Christchurch City Libraries books!

Covering an event (or R tags US)

Getting under the covers
Getting under the covers

A team of people from Christchurch City Libraries are attending the Christchurch Writer’s Festival and will be blogging and taking photos and interviewing the authors and others. The photos we will post to our Flickr set.

I am interested in anyone else who may be blogging, or adding photos to Flickr and if we can connect it all via a tag at technorati or Flickr. I would suggest the tag CWF08 – but you might also want to use a more human friendly one like Christchurch Writers Festival

I have had a brief look around to see who may already have blogged the festival already, and will make suggestions to them that they do this tagging.

Mark Sarvas has mentioned his presence at the event, as has Rachael King in Not Another Bloody Blog!

One has to guess that Bookman Beattie will have something or things to say (rumour has it he wont be bringing his fabled scooter) – while Catherine has decided not to attend the blogging session but is elated about other things at the festival. and , while Lumiere are Hungry For Words

If you are using any other web2ish thingy tell us.