World Book Academic lights the way!

Academic World BookJust when you thought ignorance was bliss, World Book goes out and illuminates our path using the rather exciting Academic World Book.

Aimed at tertiary level study, this latest thoroughbred from the World Book stable is just full of delectable delights such as:

  • Thousands of articles: search using the A-Z, or by subject headings;
  • Collections: an eBook collection of thousands of fiction and non-fiction titles with selections in nine languages, pathfinders, primary documents, biographies and world newspapers;
  • Research tools: citations builders, research guides and a “My Research” folder that you can set up and save your work to;
  • World resources: interactive maps, atlas and place comparisons.

Don’t be bewildered by this complicated world. Light your way with World Book!

This online resource can be accessed from home using your library card and password / PIN, or in libraries from the Source or the catalogue.

Early World of Learning: for the little ‘uns!

My Mum tells me that at five I kept putting pegs on my tongue then running around hysterically unable to get them off. Nowadays I am watching five-year-olds work iPads like it was the most natural thing in the world. Either I was an idiot or kids are getting smarter.

Early World of LearningIf kids are getting smarter and more technically savvy, then how does that sit with them getting a proper education? That is where authoritative online vendors like World Book can help. You can have the bright colours and loud noises – but you can also learn at the same time.

World Book has produced Early World of Learning which is aimed at preschoolers and early primary aged children with three beautiful interactive learning environments:

  • Trek’s Travels: learn alongside Trek the scarecrow and Taffy the cat, as they travel around learning about: colours, numbers, size, shapes, sounds, places, taste and smell, opposites and time.
  • Welcome to Reading: features 48 stories in four reading levels. Aims to help strengthen phonics, vocabulary and comprehension skills;
  • Know It: is a child’s first online encyclopedia.  All text can be read-aloud by an online narrator and accompanied by word-by-word highlighting.

This product is easy to use, bright and informative in all the right ways. Have a gander today from home using your library card and password / PIN or in libraries through the Source or the catalogue.

A helping hand with World Book Discover!

Despite the rhetoric not everyone gets the same chances in life.

Logo of World Book DiscoverPublic libraries have always had a role in helping to level out the playing field for those of us not blessed with position or wealth. Our goal is to support everyone in whatever endeavour they choose to undertake.

One of the new tools we have to aid us with this is World Book Discover. This product is an online reference resource specifically designed for reluctant readers, people who have learning difficulties and people with English as their second language. World Book Discover contains tools and content specifically for those who need help in reading and comprehension. It includes:

  • Easy-to-read articles on topics of interest that include reading comprehension questions;
  • An uncluttered interface and useful activities;
  • Automated translations into 30 languages;
  • Text-to-speech feature that allows users to hear text read aloud;
  • Individual accounts that allow users to save their research;
  • A section on life skills that helps negotiate financial, health, and housing issues.

Users can access this product from home with their library card and password / PIN, or in libraries from the Source or the catalogue. Its aim is to deliver information in a simplified manner to those who need it.

Have a play and spread the word!

Find My Past: three become one!

Family historians are passionate and observant people so they will be the first to notice a change in one of our very popular online family history resources.

Find My Past Ireland, Find My Past Australia/NZ and Find My Past United Kingdom have combined into one large Find My Past database. This means all that same lovely information is still available, but just in the one place in one search. If you want to limit your search by location all you need to do is use a drop box on the front page.

Five of the six children of Thomas Jones Walker Shand [1886]
Five of the six children of Thomas Jones Walker Shand [1886]. Christchurch City Libraries, File Reference CCL Photo Collection 22, Img01504
On Find My Past  you will find:

  • Birth, Marriage and Death records;
  • Cemetery records;
  • Probate, land and court records;
  • Migration records;
  • Criminal reports;
  • Electoral rolls and censuses;
  • Directories, almanacs and government gazettes;
  • Military records;
  • Social, biographical and historical information to provide background context.

Christchurch City Libraries has a huge variety of resources for you who are starting out on family history research or for those of you just missing a few branches from your tree.

Come in and see us today!

People-watching online

Cover of Oxford Dictionary of National BiographyI was six when my Grandmother handed me a cut out picture of Lady Diana Spencer from the Southland Times that announced her engagement to Prince Charles. She told me to keep a hold of this as the lady in the picture was going to be a Queen. I can remember the picture was in color which was rare for newspapers at that point. Lady Diana was wearing a red dress and I remember thinking how sophisticated she was. I have no idea of what happened to that photo but I do know that there was to be no happy ending for the lady in red.

We consciously and unconsciously “people watch” all the time. It was probably based on an evolutionary need to establish friend from foe but it continues to this day in our everyday habits and the media we watch. As a library we are here to cater for even your evolutionary requirements! If your needs are for research or pure evolutionary based interest then we have the online resources for you in the form of:

There are stories of courage, malice and romance capturing the diversity of human conduct. All you need to examine the lives of people from nuclear physicists to royal mistresses is a library card number and password/PIN.

Happy gawking.

Get creative at Craft Corner

Craft CornerAre your creative juices threatening to spew forth like so much Red Zone liquefaction? Do you need an outlet for your inner artist?  Then break out your glue gun, stencils and sparkly bits and have a look at World Book’s Craft Corner! This newest online sensation has thousands of activities with easy, clear instructions, photographs and illustrations. These projects are suitable for a broad spectrum of hobbyists – from beginner to expert, for children and adults. Every craft also contains a list of materials for easy reference and can be printed, e-mailed, or saved in its entirety to your computer. You can learn to:

  • Make your own Victorian wreath;
  • Knit your own “Popcorn scarf”;
  • Stencil greeting cards;
  • Weave your own friendship bracelets;
  • Create your own costumes.

You can also share your projects by logging into the site by creating your own My Research account. Here you can enter the steps and images for the crafts you’ve made in four simple stages. You can then preview the project and save it to your account, where World Book may share it with the rest of the crafting community.

Access this catalyst of expression from home or in libraries through the Source or the catalogue record. Joy!

For the masses: the Daily Mail Historical Archive 1896-2004!

Daily Mail logoThere is only one newspaper in the world that can claim to have helped bring down a British government and also been sued by Elton John. Love it or hate it the British newspaper the Daily Mail is loved and loathed in equal proportions. Catering to readers who want entertainment from their newspaper as well as coverage of important news events, the Daily Mail has criticized everyone from Lord Kitchener in 1916 for not properly supplying British troops to Kim Kardashian and her baby weight.

Its founder Lord Northcliffe identified a gap in the market for a paper that delivered the three things that are always news – health, sex and money. By offering short engaging stories with pictures, the news for the first time reached into the homes of millions, many of whom had never bought a newspaper before.

We now have access to the Daily Mail Historical Archive 1896-2004 with more than 100 years of this major UK national newspaper in fully searchable digital format, with all the  advertisements (including family notices), news stories and images that capture 20th century culture, society and tastes. Love it or hate it, it is a wonderful snapshot of ourselves at our best and worst. You can cross search this newspaper with several other major historical newspapers at NewsVault or search it individually from home or in a local library at the Source or in the catalogue. Have a gander today!

Encyclopedia Britannica gets all flash

We all need a tidy up every once and a while and online resources are no different. Encyclopedia Britannica has moved from dusty heavy paper tomes to an online version that was in need of an upgrade to be honest. Luckily the folks at Britannica have a reputation for striving for the best in information provision so they have cleared the decks and with a bit of spit and polish come up with something as useful as it is gorgeous! Let us welcome …

Have a play and see how in this information-saturated world there are still those who know how to excel. We salute you Britannica!

Electronic sexy time with OverDrive

So last weekend I went on a second date and he has not called me back. I have to admit I was not feeling much spark either but can’t help but wonder – was it because I had three plates of food at the buffet? I thought men like women with an appetite? Maybe undoing the top button on my pants was a step too far though?

Life is so much easier when it is fictional fantasy! This weekend I will heal my wounds and sink into a world without stretch marks, uncomfortable silences and missed opportunities. Bring it on OverDrive!

Safari answers your technical questions

Technology annoys me. Every time I learn something new, it changes again on me and I am left scowling at small children who roll their eyes at my incompetency. I am of the generation that had to put their finger in a hole to dial a number and wait for the big circular dial to return to the start – none of that speed dial business!

If you are more technically minded, then I have the electronic resource for you! We provide access to Safari Books Online, an electronic reference library of technology, business and digital media. Safari has it all – from artificial intelligence and mark-up languages, to desktop publishing and online security. If you know that a “Server” is not actually another name for a waitress, that “Perl” is not just a knitting pattern and “Hacking” is not just a violent cough then this resource will be for you.

You can search across all of Safari’s texts or simply flick to the page you need at any time of the day or night to help out with any issues you come across.

Personally I still preferred my old phone – I miss the whirring noise as the dial swung round.  Maybe there is an app for that?