Safety Week – The elephant never forgets: Picturing Canterbury

Safety Week – The elephant never forgets. Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 NZ CCL-Kete-6257.

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The Discovery Wall is a large interactive exhibition which allows several people to simultaneously explore images and stories of the history of the people and places of Christchurch. It is viewable on the ground floor of Tūranga, 60 Cathedral Square, Christchurch, New Zealand. Images displayed on the Wall can also be found on the Discovery Wall website.

The elephant never forgets : Picturing Canterbury

Safety Week parade : The elephant never forgets. Kete Christchurch.

Watering the elephants

Circus elephants in the AvonToday as a society we feel pretty strongly about circus elephants. Kiwi kids are less and less likely to have the chance to see a real elephant unless they go to Auckland Zoo or travel abroad.

In 1934 things were a lot different, and I have to admit it made Christchurch seem a pretty colourful place as shown by this picture of Wirth’s circus elephants being watered in the Avon river between the Armagh and Victoria bridges.