World Book Academic lights the way!

Academic World BookJust when you thought ignorance was bliss, World Book goes out and illuminates our path using the rather exciting Academic World Book.

Aimed at tertiary level study, this latest thoroughbred from the World Book stable is just full of delectable delights such as:

  • Thousands of articles: search using the A-Z, or by subject headings;
  • Collections: an eBook collection of thousands of fiction and non-fiction titles with selections in nine languages, pathfinders, primary documents, biographies and world newspapers;
  • Research tools: citations builders, research guides and a “My Research” folder that you can set up and save your work to;
  • World resources: interactive maps, atlas and place comparisons.

Don’t be bewildered by this complicated world. Light your way with World Book!

This online resource can be accessed from home using your library card and password / PIN, or in libraries from the Source or the catalogue.

Encyclopedia Britannica gets all flash

We all need a tidy up every once and a while and online resources are no different. Encyclopedia Britannica has moved from dusty heavy paper tomes to an online version that was in need of an upgrade to be honest. Luckily the folks at Britannica have a reputation for striving for the best in information provision so they have cleared the decks and with a bit of spit and polish come up with something as useful as it is gorgeous! Let us welcome …

Have a play and see how in this information-saturated world there are still those who know how to excel. We salute you Britannica!

World Book Online evolves

World Book Advanced has been upgraded to World Book Web . Features:

  • Thousands of  primary source documents,  including first-person narratives.
  • Research tools including Pathfinders, an interactive atlas that is integrated with Google Maps and  a citation builder.
  • Computer tutorials, How to tutorials and more.

World Book Online InfoFinder : an improved version of the former WorldBook Student.


  • Multimedia collections, including World Book Explores video library, 40,000 encyclopedia articles and more than 10,000 biographies
  • Research tools and guides and personalised My Research accounts
  • Dynamic Interactive Earth feature
  • Science projects for younger and older experimenters!

World Book Online for Kids is a general reference website developed  for younger library patrons. Features:

  • A Biography Center and interactive maps and flags.
  • Easy-to-read articles, fascinating images and auto-correction tools to help with spelling
  • Educational games and activities
  • Science projects of varying degrees of complexity and duration

You can access World Book and many other useful electronic resources from home with your library card number and PIN, or at our community libraries.