I found a book at the library! Imagine that!

Crappy PicturesI was so excited the other day when I discovered that my favourite blogger’s book is available right here at the library – if I hadn’t been in the middle of helping a lovely young mum  search the catalogue  for parenting DVDs I would have SQUEEEEEE!!-ed. Thankfully I managed to contain my enthusiasm  and save us both from embarrassment. I couldn’t wait to get home and start reading!

I’ve been reading Amber Dusick’s Crappy Pictures blog ever since a friend of mine shared her post about toddlers and public toilets which was not only extremely funny, but also reminded me of the time my toddler had to pee while we were shopping, and we were directed to The. Dirtiest. Toilet. Ever.

Amber’s book, which is available as an e-book through Overdrive, is just as funny as her blog. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that I didn’t realise I’d finished – I got to the end of a chapter and thought I’d save the rest for later, only to discover that all that was left was the publication details! One of the pitfalls of reading e-books I suppose.  I have since discovered that there is a little book progress bar that pops up when you tap the middle of the screen, but obviously I hadn’t paid attention to that.

If you are looking for stuff on parenting, whether you want e-booksbooks, or DVDs we’ve got it covered.

Titles from Wheelers eBooks for you to behold

Our newest collection of eBooks is Wheelers. Here are some titles to feast your eyes on.

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OverDrive: 10,000 possibilities of holiday escape!

It seems like just the other day to me, but OverDrive actually started in October 2009 with only 350 downloadable audiobooks. It was a bold leap for the library into the world of digital content that we continued to build on in 2011 when we added e-books.

This week we have reached a milestone with over 10,000 titles on OverDrive for you to choose from. With Christmas coming up, who doesn’t want to escape into another world? We continue to add titles to this service each month as there is an insatiable thirst for new content with over 9,000 checkouts in November! This is one hard working collection. If you haven’t tried it yet then I encourage you to do so.  Luckily you can place up to 10 holds for free.

OverDrive’s top ten: the power and the passion!

What do the top ten  OverDrive titles in 2013 tell us about ourselves? From what I can pick up from the list below we are romantics, though by the number of Sylvia Day books in the top ten we like our romance to pack some heat rather than smelling salts! When we are not sighing over fleshy details then we seem to enjoy a good murder/power struggle where good triumphs over evil. Hurrah!  

  1. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  2. Killing Floor by Lee Child
  3. Blood and roses by Sylvia Day
  4. What happened in Vegas by Sylvia Day
  5. Future perfect by Suzanne Brockmann
  6. Accidental bride by Christina Skye
  7. Die Trying by Lee Child
  8. Bad luck and trouble by Lee Child
  9. The black echo by Michael Connelly
  10. Considering Kate by Nora Roberts

So is your favorite OverDrive read included in these titles? Do you prefer action to romance or a combination of the two!! With over 10,000 titles now available for you to check out there really is something for everyone. Explore your passions this holiday season.

Kiwi books as e-books

cover of Blue smokeA recent announcement from Auckland University Press alerted me to the fact that they are publishing their lists as e-books. What is more – some are available  free through our OverDrive collection. A quick look at OverDrive revealed other New Zealand publishers also getting in on the act  like Random House New Zealand.

So e-book readers can get a taste of Paul Cleave (Blood men) or some really great non-fiction like Chris Bourke’s Blue smoke or the Marti Friedlander autobiography.

Other goodies include Fiona Farrell’s The broken book, Barry Gustafson’s biography of Rob Muldoon His way and the Jean Devanny classic The butcher shop.

Whatever you think of e-books, they are here to stay and it is great that our OverDrive collection can provide free access to some great New Zealand books, as well as the many best selling overseas titles we have.

Fresh and fabulous new titles from OverDrive

OverDrive  is our free e-book and downloadable audio book service which keeps growing in popularity and size. We are constantly adding new titles to keep up with the ferocious reading appetite of the Christchurch reading public. Items come in and within hours they are out!  Below are just some of the newbies to whet your appetite!

OverDrive will save your blushes

According to the Daily Telegraph we use e-books to save us from embarrassment. Apparently we like to to hide books we would rather not let other people see us reading within the electronic walls of an e-reader. For all anyone knows you are reading How to Teach your Children Shakespeare when really you are reading Highlander Most Wanted! Maybe your mates think you are reading Lifelong Landscape Design when really you want to know How to be more interesting.

So it is not surprising to hear that electronic versions of Mills and Boons are now outselling the paperback variety. With our own e-book collection romance is the biggest mover. Why the shame? What is so wrong with wanting a bit of romance and fantasy in your life? Certainly knowing that you can slip into another world with a man and his kilt and castle takes the edge of having to face the working day!

As a librarian I can assure library users that much like doctors – if you have seen one you have seen them all! You can not shock us with your book requests and we do not judge! Personally I can remember blushing when I got out Clan of the Cavebear as a 14 year old as I heard it had rude bits in it. The rumours were true!

Can you think of  a title that you embarrassed to be caught with? Why are the Mills and Boons with their bright pink covers always the last to go at a library book sale? Should we hand out brown paper bags?

New Zealand comes to OverDrive

We do strive to offer a wide range of content on our free OverDrive service. Sometimes this is not easy. E-books and downloadable audiobooks may be licensed for use in the Northern Hemisphere but may not be on offer in New Zealand. This is changing though – as you can see from the New Zealand titles available from OverDrive featured below …

Romance blossoms while reminiscences flow – DORA and Library to go

Looks like a spring romance is developing with Library to Go again sighted  in the company of celebrity DORA Mobile Digital Learning Centre. Abandoning their usual rendezvous point at Sumner for bustling Papanui High School,  they shared a common love of everything digital at the Positive Aging Expo.


Equitable computer access and education were promoted, while the nostalgic pored over digitised photographs, maps and plans of Christchurch’s heritage. The adventurous explored iPads and e-book readers, and a great day out was had by all.

DORA was blown away by scooping the top award in the Internet Access & Digital Skills category at the 2012 Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIAs), held in Australia last year. For those of you who have not met DORA before she supports equitable computer access and education. Funding support from InternetNZ, 2020 Communications Trust has converted DORA into a hi-tech mobile learning centre to support her Stepping Up classes and Computers in Homes programmes in Christchurch. Since the quakes, venues at schools have been limited, and transport often unreliable – DORA takes her digital learning to any venue.

Watch out you never know where this happy couple may turn up next.