Frankenstein Part 3 is finally here!

I’m one of the legion of fans who has been eagerly awaiting the third installment of Dean Koontz’s reinvention of the Frankenstein story and I’m glad to say it has finally been published.  We just received our copies at the library last week and mine is sitting by my bed on the top of my reading pile. 

There has been plenty of talk on the Internet about the third installment, called Dead and Alive, and there were plenty of rumours about what had happened to the book.  From what I read, Koontz’s official explanation was that it was due to be released in 2005, but because the books are set in New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina hit, virtually wiping out the city, he felt that it wasn’t right to release Frankenstein’s monster as well.  Therefore the book was delayed and rewritten and we can now read the final installment.  If anybody has already read it,  I’d love to hear what you thought.  I have a feeling I may need to reread the first two books to refresh my memory.