Red, Green, Orange or White

coverA common Christchurch greeting now is  “What zone are you?”
This has come about as a result of the earthquakes in Christchurch and the subsequent government efforts to restore order and a future for our battered citizens. There will be many people buying land, building, making plans, and sometimes leaving us for somewhere less shaky.

Along with your new and fabulous plans,whatever they may be, it could be time to have a think about what you would like the new face of Christchurch to look like. The Christchurch City Council has made provision for you to make your comments on the Central City Plan.

Whichever situation you find yourself in,  the staff at our libraries are always happy to assist you find the resources you need.

Robyn Drabble, New Brighton

Get ya geek on: Really useful resources for NCEA Graphics

Cover image of "Year 12 graphics study guide"Let us help you plan your great designs in NCEA Graphics!

Want some more really useful resources for another NCEA subject? Go to The Pulse, the library’s website for teens.

Free online access to Standards New Zealand at your library

StandardsStandards New Zealand, out of the goodness of their hearts, have offered Christchurch City Libraries customers six months free access to their online library service.

Since we can not access our print copies at Central Library, this is tremendous news!

Standards are agreed specifications to enhance products and  services, improve safety and meet industry best practices. This web site enables users to find:

  • Standards by industry;
  • Standards by law – to find information cited in legislation or regulation;
  • Contact details for agencies for confirmation of compliance requirements;
  • Why standards are developed, by whom and how.

Unfortunately due to our licence agreement you may not download, print out or save standards and they can only be viewed online within community libraries. Despite this, we know this will an incredibly helpful resource for Christchurch at this time – please spread the word.

Quay construction – Image of the Week

Cashin Quay under construction [ca. 1963]

Cashin Quay under construction

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Also contact us if you have any further information on any of the images. Want to see more? You can browse our collection here.

The wondrous Waitaki

Labour Weekend marks the 75th birthday of the Waitaki hydro dam, which is one of the cornerstones of this nation’s power grid. Built in the 1920s and 30s using old-fashioned hard work – picks, shovels, concrete, steel and blood, sweat and tears, it first generated power in 1935 and was the first of  several dams on the Waitaki River.

A remarkable collection of 185 photos donated by Linton Simmons Payne, a hydro-electrical engineer, has been digitised and made available online in time to mark this occasion. The photos cover all aspects of the the construction of the dam and provide a fascinating glimpse into this massive project and what life must have been like for the workers who toiled in the harsh valley climate.

There are a few books on The Waitaki River and its hydro electric history, and another is set to be launched for this year’s milestone. I wonder what a power project on that scale would look like today? Would we even have the audacity to give it a shot? Reading the book commissioned for the fortieth anniversary of the Benmore Dam, with text by Lloyd Jones, I wonder if we would.

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