12.51pm 22 February 2011 / 12.51pm 22 February 2015

Clock tower on Madras Street

12.51pm 22 February 2011. Our clocks stopped.

Our love goes out to people who lost whanau and friends, and suffer and grieve.
Our love to those struggling still.
Our love to everyone rebuilding, and good people busy revitalising their communities.

Arohanui Ōtautahi.


Remembering 22 February 2011 – four years later

On Sunday 22 February 2015, it will be four years since the 6.3 earthquake in Christchurch and the loss of 185 people. To commemorate this sad day, there will be a Civic Memorial Service for the community of Christchurch on the Archery Lawn at the Christchurch Botanic Gardens at noon. This is a public event. A live stream will be shown on the Council’s website for those who cannot attend.

Also, on Sunday 22 February 2015, the River of Flowers commemoration is being held again allowing you to share your experiences and hopes for the future. River of Flower sites will be set up along the Avon and Heathcote rivers, and at the estuary. The sites are open from 8am to 8pm, and hosted by local community groups between 12.30-1.30pm. Throughout the day people will be able to throw flowers into a waterway and write messages on a Tree of Hope. At 12:51 two minutes’ silence will be held. View the full list of 2015 River of Flowers sites.

As in previous years, artist Henry Sunderland is spearheading a Facebook campaign encouraging people to place flowers in roadcones to commemorate the quakes and as a wish for a bright future.

The Run to Remember, a 10km fun run and walk to honour those who lost their lives during the earthquake, will take place starting at 9am from Victoria Park in the Port Hills and finishing at Hansen Park in Opawa. A memorial service will be held at the end of the event.

In High Street, C1 Espresso cafe will be opening their rooftop garden. They welcome anyone who wishes to take a quiet moment and check out progress from up on top of the High Street post office.

Six short-listed designs for the Canterbury Earthquake Memorial were made public on 17 February. You are invited to give your feedback.

National trauma and grief support agency Skylight have documents on how to reflect and remember and ways to prepare for the anniversary (both are 200KB PDFs).

There will be more commemorative events in the community, and we will add information as we find it. Please let us know if you have any details.

Cashel Street - Re-Start Mall Wishing tree, Avonside

One way of coping is by recounting your experience. Here are some ways you can do that:

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22 February 2014

Flowers under the Peace Bell

Flowers left under the Peace Bell at the Christchurch Botanic Gardens in commemoration of the anniversary of the 22 February 2011 earthquake. Flickr: CCL-2014-02-22-22February2014 DSC_1215

22 February 2013

185 white chairs

Peter Majende 185 white chairs. Friday 22 February 2013. Flickr: CCL-2013 -02-22-

22 February 2012

Central Plinth
Avonhead Park Cemetery Interment Site. Flickr: CCL-2012-02-27-AvonheadParkCemeteryIntermentSite-February-2012 DSC_027

Waiho i te toipoto … Kaua i te toiroa.
Let us keep close together … Not wide apart.

That was then, but this is now: 4 September 2010 / 4 September 2014

A look at a couple of sites affected by the 4 September 2010 earthquake, and what they look like now.

Corner of Victoria Street and Bealey Avenue

Daily Bagel and Covent Fruit Centre 4 September 2010, Victoria Street, Christchurch.
Daily Bagel and Covent Fruit Centre 4 September 2010, Victoria Street, Christchurch. Kete Christchurch.

Carlton Butchery building, Victoria Street

Here’s how the same site looks today: 4 September 2014.

Knox Church – corner of Bealey Avenue and Victoria Street

Knox Church - 4 September 2010.
Knox Church – 4 September 2010. Kete Christchurch
Knox Church, Victoria Street
Knox Church, corner of Bealey Avenue and Victoria Street – Thursday 4 September 2014.

See the set of images Knox Church earthquake impact – Kete Christchurch.

More photos and stories:

Four years ago: 4 September 2010

Then, and now. It is strange how things blur, what you forget, and what you remember.

It was shake, awake, get out, fear, and heck, is everyone ok? And wow, there is the chimney all over the backyard.

This is what I saw shortly after 4.35am, after the 7.1 earthquake on 4 September 2010. Victoria Street, Christchurch.

The same spot on Victoria Street is now home to a lineup of the new Christchurch – Smash Palace, etc.

This blog proved to be a handy place from which to share information. Our first library blog post on 4 September 2010:

Christchurch experienced a major earthquake this morning 4.35am, Saturday 4 September 2010 …

Our book chat switched into Civil Defence, community information, library info, and ideas to look after the kids. (see our September 2010 posts).

Oh, and portaloo hugging.

In the days to come, there was so much to see and discover.  We entered into a new shocking and aftershocking world.

Of all the post September quake-related sights, one I will alway remember is a moment of rare delicacy, when the worker used his machinery to lift a chandelier, which he then passed to the owner. All of us watching cheered.

Demolition of Robertsons Bakery. Chandelier is being removed from Shrimpton Radcliffe Interior Design. 8 September 2010. Kete Christchurch.
Demolition of Robertsons Bakery. Chandelier is being removed from Shrimpton Radcliffe Interior Design. 8 September 2010. Kete Christchurch.

More photos and stories:

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Lego animation, Minecraft craft – Learning Centre Holiday Programmes

3D craftsCheck our the Learning Centre holiday programme – starting after Easter. Digital storytelling, Lego animation, Minecraft craft in combination with the awesome MakerCrate crew – lots of fun and learning for kids.

Take a look at what the kids did in the January holidays.

Film School Competition
Film School 1st Prize Winner

Film School 2nd Prize Winner

Trendy Trading Cards

Digital Illustration
Digital Illustration Best Of

Laine 2

Motueka and the Tasman area give heart to Christchurch

Central Library Peterborough is hosting a Paper Mache Hearts Exhibition. The hearts were made by the people of Motueka and the Tasman Region for the people of Christchurch on the anniversary of the 22 February 2011 earthquake. The project was the brain child of Julie Clausen, a Christchurch sculptor and artist who moved to Motueka after the earthquake.  Since moving, Julie hadn’t been back to her art – so this project was to help her get back on track and to offer a gift to the people of Christchurch.

Motueka Public Library hosted workshops to make the heart over two consecutive Wednesdays, and included adults and children.

Paper Mache Hearts

Stop the clocks – 12.51pm 22 February 2011

Clock tower on Madras Street

Sometimes it seems a long, long time ago. Other times you are right there in it.
My nephew was born the day before, now he is a sturdy 3-year-old. My girl had her 2nd birthday a couple of days before, and she is starting school. Those I love mark the time for me.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with the anniversary. Flowers in cones, flowers in the river.

Time to be kind as gap widens is the message from the Canterbury District Health Board. The All Right campaign reinforces the message that whatever you feel is ok.

The Press has been doing a brilliant job publishing reflections and perspectives. Hats off to them. Standouts are:

Victoria Street clocktower
So stop the clocks, and feel what you feel. Our special love goes out to the people we lost, and those who suffer and grieve.  We miss those who have left town, and welcome those who have arrived.
Thanks to workers busy rebuilding, and people busy revitalising their communities. Arohanui Ōtautahi.

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