Listing towards quality

This morning I came across a post on Good Reads – a popular book recommendation site. Their 2013 Reading challenge allows you to set yourself a challenge to read a certain number of books and record their details – for the edification of all?

I thought about attempting this and then wondered if it should be consigned to the pile of resolve to do in 2013 advice that floods in at this time of year (and then gets ignored). But then I thought – it’s just the numerical aspect I find hard. Read 100 books – even if you dress it up as “A century of reading” or something like that seems a bit too mechanistic to me. What if you get to 90 and you are running out of time – do you rush and find some quick reads just so you can say you have done it?

The New Year has thrown up another disturbing reading challenge – someone who is planning to read all 131 Babysitters club books.

I do quite like the idea of setting myself a reading challenge though. I’ve only done it once before – I set out to read all the Patrick O’Brien Napoleonic seafaring novels (Master and Commander et al). This proved to be a satisfying challenge because he was such a good writer and I found the characters and stories interesting.

I’d like to set myself a challenge this year but can’t think what. Maybe 10 books in an area outside my reading comfort zone? 10 books of philosophy? 10 New Age classics? Proust? Aaaargh! I think it has to have an element of enjoyment. Actually I’ve just ordered a book from Amazon and it made me realise that I have already brought 2 other books this year already. Perhaps that is my challenge – buy and read enjoyable books this year.

Has anyone else set themselves reading challenges before? Any suggestions?

New Year Resolutions

Made to be broken, the stuff of underachievement but still we make them. There is one I can make which I think I can achieve – read more books!

I searched our catalogue for the keyword resolutions and this jumped out at me – The happiness project. Hmmm I might resolve to read it.

Are you making resolutions? Is 2011 going to be the year you read War and Peace, Proust or the collected work of Jane Austen?

Last year librarians set themselves some reading challenges that took them out of their comfort zone – Christian fiction and cyberpunk for example.

What challenges have you got in mind this coming year?