What does your cat get up to in winter?

One of the things I love about winter is the cuddliness of cats. I know they are only after the warmth, but there is something very cosy about having a purring cat on your lap on a cold winter’s day.

The search for warmth is an obvious bit of cat behaviour, but the other things they get up to can be a bit of a mystery. Why do cats seem to go a bit crazy in the evening? (probably just high spirits, unless they have a flea bite somewhere they can’t scratch).

Why do cats stare at you then look away? (It’s polite. Continued staring is domination behaviour) Why do they always want to sit on the newspaper or book you are reading? (You are staring fixedly at it. This is an invitation to sit there) and what do they get up to when they take their little outings?

To answer this last question researchers in Britain recently  put tracking devices on the cats in a village, then watched to see what they got up to. You can get a look at what they did after they left the house.

To learn more about cat behaviour try our collection of useful books on the subject.

Tell us what your cat gets up to in winter.