Camping at Hanmer River: Picturing Canterbury

Camping at Hanmer River 1958. Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 NZ CCL-PH16-080.

Family camping at Hanmer River, Christmas/New Year 1958.  Annual event with often three generations present.

Do you have any photographs of camping in Canterbury? If so, feel free to contribute to our collection.

The Discovery Wall is a large interactive exhibition which allows several people to simultaneously explore images and stories of the history of the people and places of Christchurch. It is viewable on the ground floor of Tūranga, 60 Cathedral Square, Christchurch, New Zealand. Images displayed on the Wall can also be found on the Discovery Wall website.

Cool caravans

CoverI love camping.  However I am not talking the small tent, one burner and a torch variety.  Oh no,  I like to camp in comfort.  I have comfy chairs, a lounger, gas fridge and a lovely big tent which becomes a home away from home.

At present though I have a yearning for a caravan, and the reason that this has come about is because of this book:  My cool caravan : an inspirational guide to retro-style caravans by Jane Field-Lewis. Filled with the cutest and snuggest little caravans, it is enough to bring out the traveller in all of us.

However the cost of a caravan is prohibitive at the moment so I will be content with my trusty tent.

Discovering a new camping cookbook has helped ease the pain. The camper van cookbook: life on 4 wheels, cooking on 2 rings by Martin Dorey has some great cooking ideas for both inside and out, and a trusty old favourite Blue sky kitchen : creative cookery for Kiwi campers by Nicola Saker is always a good standby.  Damper over the fire anyone?