The first cappuccino of the year

Book coverThere is nothing quite like the first cappuccino of the year. It holds in its bowl all the memories of  coffees past, the enjoyment of the present cup and the promise of all the good caffeine still to come. In that spirit, I believe I can face whatever twentytwelve throws at me.

I love my coffees in cafés. I like to savour my brew surrounded by the soothing murmur of conversation. I’ve watched the awkwardness of first time internet daters as they plot their way over the minefield of  their disparate lives; I’ve overheard job interviews go catastrophically wrong; and, to my horror, I now know that there is at least one man in Christchurch who showers with his socks on.

My fingers immediately itched to blog.

And in twentytwelve I hope to blog in a café – on the iPad that Father Christmas omitted to bring. In fact, I love cafés so much, I fantasize about owning one of my own some day. It will be book-lined and with free WiFi. I will name it “Café Paisley”. People will come for the decor alone. My customers will sit in comfy chairs, sip delicious coffees and nibble on tasty morsels. And as it’s my fantasy, therell be no decaf at Paisley and… There Will Be No Muffins.

I am certainly not the first person to link coffee, cafés and writing, take J.K. Rowling for starters – and the library has several items in the catalogue that feature coffee and coffee shops in the titles, such as:

Let’s raise our lattes to twentytwelve and resolve to indulge in at least one fantasy each. Happy New Year!

Magazines R us

3992284834_d47568337d_mRecently I had the choice between using some credit card points to get a magazine subscription or a weed eater.  I chose the weed eater.  Being an avid reader I even surprised myself with this decision, but I have a problem with magazines.  I like to browse, but can never really commit to the full experience.

Next magazine is a case in point.  I pick it up, skim through, and immediately feel that a) I lack any form of self-discipline,   b) I am stuck on a rut and need to change jobs/husbands/or start jogging and c) I need a skin care regime. 

Every now and then I spot Time, or The Economist, and then quickly walk away.  I have tried Variety, but don’t  know the movies they are writing about, and never get the jokes in Private EyeNew Idea is ideal for the supermarket queue, and If I choose to I can always read New Zealand Snowboarder and New Zealand Fishing World at home, courtesy of family members.

It is about this point that I feel so pleased that I have a local library (and one with a cafe) where I can browse, flick and discard at my leisure.  Every now and then I take a magazine home, and having read one, or at the most two articles, I feel very pleased that I didn’t take out that subscription, or spend $10.00 at the supermarket.

I am constantly amazed at the variety and depth of the magazine collections at Christchurch City Libraries though, and it would be great to hear about  some of your favourites, perhaps I will find something that is worth subscribing to?