Busking along into NZ Music Month

No busking in the Square at present but there will be a banjo or two twanged during  NZ Music Month 2013 performances at our libraries. Come along and enjoy the diverse range of musicians who are making our city a more enjoyable place to be.

busker in Cathedral Square

Time for a laugh – Buskers are back

I think most of you will agree that it’s time Cantabrians had something to laugh about. So if funny hair, acrobatics and mime artists put a smile on your face, you’re in for a treat! From 19-29 January 2012 the legendary World Buskers Festival returns to Christchurch.

This year’s performers include:  the ever popular Funny Bones, former Cirque du Soleil artist Christopher Phi and local heart throb Mullet Man.

All you need to take along is your humour, sunscreen and a pocket full of change.

Check out the festival timetable, performers and locations

Along with everything else in Christchurch, the location of the festival has be relocated to Hagley Park – renamed as Busker Park for the event.
So get along to Busker Park, grab the kids and some  friends …  it’ll be great for a laugh!

Buckle up for the buskers

CrowdIt’s a summer event that I always look forward to – no, not the sun-soaked road trip or the complete lack of lawn mowing – it’s the World Buskers Festival. There’s always something fantastic, and there’s so many performances that even if you try to miss it, you probably won’t.

One year I saw a fellow juggle an orange, a watermelon and a running chainsaw.  You never know what you’re going to get. Vinyl Burns (Kim Potter) looks a little like Les Patterson – but his act is, thankfully, vastly different.

There’s also that slight fear that the busker might choose you to be part of the act, or pick on your clothes or something.

With hundreds of shows, there’s no lack of choice – what will you see at the festival? And will you drop some coins in the hat or slink away just before the end?


Busker by the CathedralGo the Christchurch City Council – no they didn’t pay me to say that – but really – how lucky are we to have the World Buskers Festival in Christchurch. 14 years and still going strong. The energy generated has  Christchurch buzzing. Being a visual person I love live entertainment and the Buskers festival certainly offers plenty to choose from. The weather may be unpredictable but the quality of the busking is not.

Christchurch has come alive and yes the people are indeed dancing in the streets. The show I went to at the Art Gallery on Sunday had the crowd dancing and cheering with delight. I’m not really into Rap but if you get a chance check out Dub FX – very entertaining – Anyone who can prepare a meal in Rap and manage to hold my attention is OK in my world.

It feels so great to be a part of such a wonderful event. The two week programme offers something for everyone – Comedy, Music, Street Art, Living Statues, Mime – each bringing their own brand of energy.

Don’t miss the opportunity to expose yourself to something new and maybe a little bit different. It seems no matter who you talk to – everyone has seen something different. So if you have experienced feelings of delight and excitement please share with us – the more support we can give the buskers the better.