Recover Canterbury – New website for business owners

Recover Canterbury aims to offer practical advice and information to help your business recover from the Canterbury earthquake. It is brought to you by organisations including the Christchurch City Council, Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce, CDC (Canterbury Development Corporation) and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

On this site you will find information and links to answer your immediate questions, such as:

  • The Government’s Earthquake Subsidy for wages
  • Employee welfare
  • Infrastructure and services
  • Links with other businesses who may need or who may be able to offer immediate assistance
  • A survey to assess the immediate needs of the business community – we need your feedback to ensure an appropriate Canterbury-wide support system is put in place by Government.

For more business information, check out the Business section on the library website. It included databases you can use from home.

Recovery assistance for businesses

BusinessRecover Canterbury – a new website for earthquake-hit businesses – is great source of practical  information in this time of need.

From getting financial and staff support and government assistance, to finding new, temporary premises, Recover Canterbury provides useful answers to your immediate questions, to help businesses get up and running again.

There is information for Christchurch, Waimakariri and Selwyn businesses. The site also offers a helpline – 0800 505 096.

The $181 Dream

Did anyone else watch Inside NZ last week? It was about the ladies who won the old Spagalimis Restaurant at Northlands Mall on Trademe. They ended up opening a gourmet burger restaurant there. The burgers were HUGE and delicious, but sadly their business only lasted 6 weeks as they were unable to secure financing from a bank.

According to the start of the episode, 56000 businesses are started in NZ every year! So if you are part of the 1.4 percent of Kiwis starting their own business in 2010, give it the best chance of success by checking out our extensive collection of business books and resources. We’ve got stuff on small business management, books focussed on the NZ small business scene, a book that gives you 75 green business ideas to consider and even a book promising to help you write your business plan in one day!

The Library has lots of other services to help businesses, like research assistance, document delivery and free corporate membership. So maybe the lesson to be learnt is that buying something for $181 can cause you to go bankrupt, but using free Library resources could make you a millionaire?

Are you being served…well?

10 simple strategies for selling to the stubborn, obnoxious, and belligerent Christmas is always and busy and hectic time of year for those in the retail and customer service industries.  Around this time it’s never more apparent which businesses and organisations provide good customer service and which don’t. 

Last year a marquee company came a cropper when an abusive email illustrating its poor attitude towards one of its potential customers spread like a virus and gained much notoriety and media attention.  This year a gourmet caterer’s lack of judgement (and manners) via email has created a similar furore and has prompted another customer to come forward complaining of similar treatment.  Never underestimate the power of word of mouth (or email, in these instances).  It can be the difference between life or death for a business. Continue reading