Standards are important

My standards are pretty low when it comes to personal aspects about myself. I could straighten my hair in the morning and put on some lippy, but that would mean I would have to leave bed just that bit earlier. Maybe it is not so much about standards but priorities, and being asleep is my favourite thing to do. Don’t get me wrong I am clean, but I am not high maintenance. In other areas of life, dropping standards is not an option. In Christchurch we are living through what is called “the rebuild” – an understated term for such disruption and stress. A massive part of this is making sure standards are enforced. Standards are agreed specifications for products, services, or performance. They are there to improve safety and quality and meet various industries best practices.

Business people

To help anyone involved in this process you can come into any of our community libraries (in library access only) and you can search Standards New Zealand Online. Our library subscription entitles us to online access to all New Zealand (NZS) and joint Australian & New Zealand (AS/NZS) standards that are available in PDF format. I would hate to think how many changes have been made recently to building standards alone. To help, you may download a single copy of a Standards New Zealand document for viewing purposes only. The retention of any downloaded Standards New Zealand documents, whether in hardcopy or electronic form is expressly prohibited by copyright law. Christchurch City Libraries also has print copies of standards and other help available for those who need to adhere to standards regardless of how much they would like to stay in bed. Just ask!

Business for busy people

People who do history degrees in my experience very rarely get to scale the heights of industry and make a lot of money. I am one of those unfortunates who decided to do what she enjoyed when she went to university rather than doing something that would later pay the bills. Oh the decisions made by youth! Well there are no excuses as at Christchurch City Libraries we cover the full range of information needs online 24/7. This includes access to multiple Business and Management eResources which have full-text coverage of all business disciplines including accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management and strategy, as well as business theory and practice.

One of the new business eResources is called Gale Business Collection which combines the old databases of General Business File ASAP and Business and Company ASAP into a single flash new platform. It is even mobile friendly so you can search it with ease on your phone.

I guess at this point with such resources at my fingertips there is no real excuse not to go back and learn some new skills and build an empire. It is just when I get home from work I tend to collapse into myself and can barely keep my eyes open long enough to make dinner let alone take on the business world. Oh wasted youth!

The Orange Chair: “Women and Money”

Girls Just Want To Have Fund$Whether you fastidiously check your internet banking after every purchase so that $3.99 doesn’t go unaccounted for, or simply plonk everything on your plastic, secure in the knowledge that it will all be affordable somehow, money is an ever-present concern for all of us, as evidenced by the boundless popularity of books centred on financial advice.

As part of the series of “Orange Chair” public conversations being held at Parklands Library – Te Kete Wānanga o Waitikiri, one such financial advisor and author, Sheryl Sutherland, will be seating herself in the famous hot seat next week at 6:00pm on Wednesday 30th October to share her wisdom.

Sheryl’s background is very impressive, with three books on financial success under her belt and over three decades’ experience in financial planning. She is especially committed to helping women better manage their money and investments in what is often a male-dominated world, so this particular Orange Chair is a must-attend for any woman looking to better balance her budget.

But what, there’s more! Call (03) 941-7923 now to secure your place (numbers are limited) and you’ll go in the draw to win of two prize packs, each consisting of Sheryl’s three books, which will get you started down the road to freedom from debt and empower you to make wise investments.
Smart MoneyMoney, Money, Money, Ain't it funny

Global business insights at the library

Business Insights GlobalI have to admit when I think of  business I get all bored and my mind starts to wander – this may explain why I am poor. For those of you more interested in the subject we have something new and exciting –  Business Insights: Global contains 24/7 online access to:

  • More than 2 million investment research/brokerage reports;
  • Thousands of detailed financial reports, market research reports and industry reports;
  • SWOT reports (updated quarterly);
  • Thousands of interactive live charts for economic and business indicators;
  • Nearly 500,000 detailed company profiles and histories;
  • Links to related content and statistical data in all industry and company profiles.

New Zealand companies are also included such as  Fonterra, Telecom, Kiwibank and Mighty River Power.

Here at Christchurch City Libraries we do have many business information sources if you do not find what you are looking for with this new electronic resource. From career advice to company information and global trade we have something for everyone.

Toughen up : what I’ve learned about surviving tough times – New Zealand e-book month

Michael Hill believes the looming meltdown can be a good thing for businesses and entrepreneurs.

It is possible to succeed in a downturn – in fact it is the perfect situation in which to perfect a business. Instead of fearing the side-effects of recession, wallowing in gloom and convincing ourselves the only safe haven is at home under the blankets, entrepreneurs can use this period to their advantage. With the right attitude, you can not only survive, but emerge from the crunch with a new feeling of prosperity and strength.

Over the years, Michael Hill has had just about every possible experience in business: from lie-awake-at-night nerves to the joy of unexpected success. He’s reshaped the landscape under his feet and he has ventured into new territory. And at every moment, he has relished the excitement of it all. Once, he was an outsider in his industry; the cheeky startup whom nobody expected to succeed. The established players had no reason to view him as a threat.

Now, his business is the establishment. It dominates the markets in which it operates. Michael Hill Jeweller is a respected part of the business culture in a large part of the world – and they are continuing to expand in both size and ambition.

This book encapsulates the ingredients of Michael’s philosophy. There are no secret herbs and spices. It is not a magic recipe – it is just a collection of solid ideas, firmly grounded in reality. All these concepts are remarkable only because they make common-sense – but you’d be amazed how rarely they are fully understood and embraced in the business world.

You can read Toughen up as an e-book from our Overdrive collection.

Toughen up is also available as a paper book.

New Zealand businesses exposed

New Zealand Business Who’s Who specialises in providing information about New Zealand industries and corporations. It contains over 100,000 key business contacts from over 17,000 key businesses.  Information on these businesses include:

  • Full contact details;
  • Staff numbers;
  • Names of company executives and corporate advisors;
  • Company products, services and brands;
  • Company websites;
  • Regular updates.

Who wouldn’t want a way to conduct business online? You can sit  outside in the sun with a glass of wine and a bar of chocolate and let your fingers network. Access this resource at the Source  from home with your library card number and PIN, or at our community libraries.

PS:  This is a lovely photo from our heritage image collection displaying a business from days gone by. Uncle Tom’s Cabin & Tearooms, North New Brighton, Christchurch : pictured on the step are two of the five proprietor/postmaster’s family who ran the store around 1911.

New Zealand Standards online: how to measure up

Let me introduce library users to Standards New Zealand Online.  Standards are agreed specifications to enhance products and services, improve safety and meet industry best practices. This is a handy electronic resource, as our print copies of standards are presently out-of-bounds. It will be of interest to builders, engineers, electricians and all those responsible for consumer and occupational safety.

This web site enables users to find:

• Standards by industry;
• Standards by law – to find information cited in legislation or regulation;
• Contact details for agencies for confirmation of compliance requirements;
• Why standards are developed, by whom and how.

Of special interest  is an area on the website specifically targeted at  Cantabrians including : “Christchurch Earthquake: Frequently asked questions” and  “Standards New Zealand- assistance for Cantabrians”.

Due to our license agreement you may not download, print out or save standards – they can only be viewed online  at our libraries through the catalogue or at the Source. Despite this, we know this will an incredibly helpful resource for Christchurch – please spread the word.

Business continuity and recovery in the face of disaster

“There is nothing new under the sun” my mother would say. In line with my mother’s wisdom let me introduce Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Reference Center. This resource offers information on best practice based on previous experience of  disaster recovery from corporations, medical facilities, government agencies, and academic institutions throughout the world.  It covers:

  • Business Continuity Management;
  • Business Impact Analysis;
  • Crisis Communications;
  • Disaster Mitigation;
  • Emergency Preparedness;
  • Organizational Resiliency;
  • Risk Evaluation;
  • Strategic Planning.

Access this from home with your library card number and PIN through the Source or library catalogue and at our open community libraries.

Who’s Who in New Zealand business?

New Zealand Business Who’s Who specialises in providing information about New Zealand industries and corporations. It contains over 100,000 key business contacts from over 17,000 key businesses. Listings are constantly checked to ensure information is correct. Information on these businesses include:

  • Full contact details;
  • Staff numbers;
  • Company executives and corporate advisors;
  • Year of establishment;
  • Company products, services and brands;
  • Company websites.

Who wouldn’t want a way to conduct business online, especially on snowy days?
Access this resource at the Source from home with your library card number and PIN, or at our community libraries.

Live local, spend local

ShopMy motto as a displaced Christchurch CBD worker is live local, spend local. I’m pledging to stick with Christchurch and part of that pledge is to spend in my local community wherever and whenever I can. I’m not a great fan of malls so I am looking to support Christchurch businesses that have had to relocate or may be operating online only. As the CBD comes back into action I’ll be looking to spend my dollars there and I’ll be supporting local tradesmen in preference to out of towners.

A good place to find out whether your favourite cafe, restaurant or foodie haunt is getting back in operation is the The Press with their Zest supplement. They are encouraging food businesses and restaurants to let them know via Facebook when they are open and what their plans are.

Want to find out if a business is open? Try My Christchurch Business is Open and  Open for Business.

Rebuild Christchurch is a popular Facebook page which may also include helpful alerts to what is going on around the city.

I like the idea of new farmers markets springing up too.

If anyone knows of any other online or other  initiatives to support Christchurch businesses and customers connecting it would be great to share them.