Warning: the author of this post may explode with excitement

coverAuckland has The Big Day Out, The Girls’ Day Out and now it has The Wordy Day Out – the coolest event at the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival.  As soon as I saw this event featured in the festival programme, I knew I had to get to Auckland no matter what.

For those of you who haven’t been drooling over the programme for the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival, The Wordy Day Out, on Saturday is “a fun day featuring some of the best, brightest and liveliest authors around – all of whom happen to be labelled YA (young adult) authors.”  Looking through the list of authors attending, I think they got the description spot on.  Some of my favourite YA authors are there, including New Zealand’s own Brian Falkner, Bernard Beckett and Karen Healey, as well as some amazing international authors, including Cassandra Clare, Garth Nix, and Meg Rosoff.  There really is something for every fan – whether you’re into fantasy, horror, adventure, thrillers, gothic or sci-fi.

I’m truly buzzing with excitement, waiting to listen to these fantastic authors whose stories I love.  I’ll hang on every word and be first in line to get my books signed after each session.  Stay tuned for my report next week.

Interviews, book reviews and prizes on the Christchurch Kids Blog

Our cool new blog for kids called the Christchurch Kids Blog was launched last week and we have lots of exciting things for you and your children to check out:

  • Our Star Author – each month we have an awesome author joining us to blog about their books, writing and other things that interest them.  Our very first Star Author is New Zealand’s own Brian Falkner.  Come and find out about his new book The Project, where he gets his ideas from, and what he thinks of book reviews.
  • Steve Cole, the author of Astrosaurs, Cows in Action and Slime Squad was one of the authors who was going to join us for the blog launch, but he was unable to make it.  Luckily, I still got the chance to ask Steve some questions about his books, Doctor Who, and what he does when he’s not writing.
  • Canterbury kids – tell us what you think and you will go in the draw to WIN books.

There are lots of other exciting things to read and watch on the Christchurch Kids Blog so head on over and have a look.

Brian Falkner’s awesome new book Brainjack

Cover of Brain JackI’d have to say that I’m Brian Falkner’s number 1 fan.  He is my favourite New Zealand author and just a really cool guy.  He’s a passionate promoter of reading and writing and goes around lots of different schools throughout the country with his Story Sports programme. His books are all so original and his last few books have delved into science fiction, a genre that you don’t see a lot of in New Zealand children’s fiction. The Tomorrow Code was his last gripping read and I was glad to see it nominated for the New Zealand Post Book Awards this year (unfortunately it didn’t win).

Brian’s amazing new book Brainjack has just been released and it gives us a glimpse at a not-too-distant future.  A new piece of technology called a Neuro Headset has been introduced and is becoming popular all over the world.  While wearing the headset you are able control your computer using only your brainwaves without the need for a  keyboard or mouse.  However, if people can hack into your computer through the internet, does this neuro connection allow them to hack into your brain?  Sam, an experienced hacker, finds himself in deep trouble when he hacks into the White House computer system, but when cyber terrorists threaten the world, he will have to use all of his skills to save the human race.

Brian makes some excellent book trailers to promote his books. Check out this one for Brainjack: