Brian Falkner’s awesome new book Brainjack

Cover of Brain JackI’d have to say that I’m Brian Falkner’s number 1 fan.  He is my favourite New Zealand author and just a really cool guy.  He’s a passionate promoter of reading and writing and goes around lots of different schools throughout the country with his Story Sports programme. His books are all so original and his last few books have delved into science fiction, a genre that you don’t see a lot of in New Zealand children’s fiction. The Tomorrow Code was his last gripping read and I was glad to see it nominated for the New Zealand Post Book Awards this year (unfortunately it didn’t win).

Brian’s amazing new book Brainjack has just been released and it gives us a glimpse at a not-too-distant future.  A new piece of technology called a Neuro Headset has been introduced and is becoming popular all over the world.  While wearing the headset you are able control your computer using only your brainwaves without the need for a  keyboard or mouse.  However, if people can hack into your computer through the internet, does this neuro connection allow them to hack into your brain?  Sam, an experienced hacker, finds himself in deep trouble when he hacks into the White House computer system, but when cyber terrorists threaten the world, he will have to use all of his skills to save the human race.

Brian makes some excellent book trailers to promote his books. Check out this one for Brainjack: