Whale watching in the Botanic Gardens

whaleThere is a whale in the Botanic Gardens!

I saw it at the weekend. It had attracted quite a crowd of people who were admiring it and wondering how it got there and how long it would stay.

The ducks and eels were not disturbed by it and a crèche of penguins were keeping it company.

The whale and penguins are part of the Festival of Flowers. This year’s theme is ‘burst of water’. The topiary animals are quite happy to have their photo taken, unlike the ducks that swam off at top speed.

The Festival of Flowers is on in various locations throughout the city until Sunday 6 March.

Townend House – my favourite Christchurch place

The first Townend begonia house in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens
The first Townend begonia house

One of my favourite places is the Christchurch Botanic Gardens.

I love the conservatories – Gilpin House with its freakish carnivorous plants and Townend House, filled with flowering plants (including a glorious array of begonias).

Townend House was named after Christchurch heiress Annie Quayle Townend. She owned ‘Mona Vale’ and funded the  establishment of  St Paul’s church in Glenmark.

Begonias in Townend House
Townend House today

More botanical delights:

So what’s your Christchurch landmark of choice?