Reading Delirium: Is love a disease that must be cured?

booksA while ago, I asked around to find out what people were reading post-quake. A colleague mentioned she was really enjoying Delirium by Lauren Oliver – a dystopian novel set in an America that believes love is a disease that must be cured.

I was sold. It sounded really interesting and different, so I promptly got my hands on a copy.  Since February 22, I’m using the library more than I ever did before. I frequently put my “to do” lists aside so I can escape into other worlds. Delirium has satisfied this need perfectly. Although targeted towards young adult readers, enjoyment of this novel is certainly not confined to that one age group. Lauren Oliver writes with maturity about a complex topic. After one chapter, I was hooked.

The moral of this post? If you want to find a good book to read, it always pays to ask around. Ask your family, friends, neighbours, and work mates. Ask a librarian. We can give you some great suggestions to add to your reading list. Just tell us what authors you like, titles you’ve loved, and subjects you enjoy reading about. After all, we love books (and DVDs … and CDs … and magazines). And we love helping people even more!

Have you read something fantastic lately that you think more people should get into?