Always bring a jacket!

Cover of The Wahine DisasterI love weather, (especially fine sunny weather!) but being a Wellingtonian I experienced storms on a regular basis, including the Wahine storm, against which every weather event is now measured, in my head anyway.

I then lived in a very sunny small town for 26 years. I would often think that what people needed was a good southerly storm to blow away the cobwebs; appreciation of lovely weather needs some experience of the opposite. My advice to my children, when they left town was, “always bring a jacket, there’s weather out there!”

So now Christchurch provides just enough weather to keep me on my toes, something to talk about and which does not allow too much complacency about saying “come over for a barbecue”. Take this morning: we planned a day at the beach, it’s already poured with rain, now the sun is shining and the wind is increasing in intensity. Alternatives must be discussed and explored. Life is never dull when weather has to be factored in to every activity outside the house.

Cover of This Barren RockSo I love to read about weather-related incidents, since coping with weather is almost a full-time job.

Try This Barren Rock: 1875, A True Tale of Shipwreck and Survival in the Southern Seas by Sylvie Haisman, a tale of astonishing survival. The good thing is that, having been written by the woman’s great-great-great-grand-daughter, you know there must be a happy ending!

  • If you want to read more about that fateful day of the Wahine storm in April 1967, check out these Wahine titles in our catalogue.
  • Since we’re now supposedly in spring and heading towards summer, here are some BBQ titles.

 Cover of The Kiwi Sizzler Portable Barbecue Book  Cover of Josh's Backyard BBQ Cover of Fired Up Vegetarian

What’s your favourite weather-related book? Or do you have any BBQ book recommendations?

Summer is coming – let’s dine al fresco

Cover of Weber's Complete Barbecue Book Throw off the winter blues, get out the BBQ, clean it up, heat it up and get cooking!

Barbecuing tips from the family chef:

  • when cooking fish on the BBQ, wrap it in foil with sliced lemon and herbs
  • when making kebabs, soak wooden skewers overnight in water before using to prevent them from burning
  • when cooking steak turn only once to prevent dry meat and to allow each side to become crunchy… it really works
  • put marinades on towards end of cooking as sugar or honey in them will cause burning
  • fruit is lovely for afters; cook in foil with sprinkles of brown sugar
  • ladies, don’t get caught in the trap of men doing the cooking and you cleaning up the barbie before and after cooking!

Check our library books and eBooks for wonderful recipes and hints on the best ways to barbecue.

Cover of The Great Bloke's BBQ Cookbook Cover of Salad Cover of Ribs, Chops, Steaks and Wings Cover of Fired up Vegetarian Cover of Beach, Bach, Boat, Barbecue Cover of The BBQ Book Cover of Ben's BBQ Bible Cover of Weber's Time to Grill