Ebony Hill – New Zealand e-book month

It’s been two years since Ness and Dev escaped the Islanders of Dunnett, and Ness is struggling to find a place for herself in the city of Vidya where the community is struggling to rebuild itself.

Caught up in surprise attacks and ongoing land battles, and then working in the infirmary at Ebony Hill, Ness witnesses the realities of war and questions her commitment to this brave new society.

You can read Ebony Hill as an e-book from our Overdrive collection.

Ebony Hill  is also available as a paper book.

Anna Mackenzie on writing as a career

coverNew Zealand writer Anna Mackenzie enthralled a packed room at the festival this morning. Her schools session was attended by an enthusiastic, engaged and attentive audience – who asked some fantastic questions.

You could tell they enjoyed it by the fact they all groaned when she said question time was up.
One fellow had been listening to talkback – he introduced his question by saying long-time reader, first-time question asker. Another quoted Shakespeare. One asked if the plants on stage were real, another how to handle criticism.

Mackenzie handled it all well and shared all the ins and outs and challenges of writing as a career. A great session, with a talented Kiwi author. The schools programme is very impressive, and the honest and enthusiasm of the presenters will impress these aspiring writers, and that can only mean good things for the future.

Mackenzie’s new book, Ebony hill, has just been released.