Ant the daring War Dog who flew with his master and was awarded the VC

War Dog: The No-Man’s Land Puppy Who Took to the Skies by Damien Lewis

This is an incredible story of the relationship between a dog and his master. It is set during the second world war and is a delightful and heart-warming read.

Cover of War Dog In 1940, French pilot Pierre Duval and gunner Robert Bozdech were shot down over no-man’s land near France. They took shelter in an old farmhouse where they found a German Shepherd puppy. Still in no-man’s land, they waited for nightfall and made a daring escape. Robert hid the little pup inside his jacket and, avoiding German patrols, the three of them made it safely back to France. Robert and the puppy, who he named Ant, became inseparable.

In time Robert made his way to Britain. Ignoring the authorities, he took Ant with him and in the years that followed, Robert and Ant flew together with Bomber Command saving each other’s lives many times. Ant became the mascot to Robert’s squadron – he was  the only mascot to fly on combat missions – and with his master survived many attacks from the Germans.

A truly remarkable animal, Ant was eventually  grounded due to injury and at the end of the war was awarded the Dickin Medal, the ‘Animal VC’ for bravery!

This book is available at Christchurch City Libraries in book form including Large Print or as an audiobook on CD or on MP3 CD.

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Reading Crusade Challenge – Week 3

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Week 3 Challenge – Animals

This week on the Christchurch Kids Blog we’re challenging children to read an animal story.  It could be about a mouse like Stuart Little or Runaway Ralph, a horse like Bow Down Shadrach or Pony Club Secrets, a dog like Shadow or Hotel for Dogs, or a cat like The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips or The Warriors series.  We have heaps of reading suggestions  and some cool books on offer, including some Pony Club Secrets and Pony Club Rivals books by Stacy Gregg.

To go into the draw, children need to go to the Christchurch Kids Blog and tell us their favourite fantasy book.   For more information about our Reading Crusade Challenges or for some great reading recommendations, check out the Christchurch Kids Blog.