J.E. Bashford, Luncheon Rooms

Another digitised item from our collection for Records and Archives Week, this one from 1878:

J.E. Bashford, Luncheon Rooms

The text reads, in part: Triangle, Colombo Street

Tea, Coffee and Cocoa always ready. A large & varied stock of confectionery, bride and christening cakes… of superior quality, chaste and elegant in design.

T.M. Gee, Fancy Bread & Biscuit Baker

It’s Records and Archives Week. Here’s an item from the from the Southern Provinces Almanac series.
T.M. Gee, Fancy Bread & Biscuit Baker

The text reads:

T.M. Gee, Fancy Bread & Biscuit Baker, General confectioner and Ginger beer manufacturer, Canterbury Street, Lyttelton. T.M.G wishes to inform the public that he has opened a shop in London Street…for the sale of Confectionery… Where a stock of JELLIES, FRUIT PIES, CUSTARDS, SANDWICHES, GINGER BEER and LEMONADE, will always be on hand.