To read or not to read that is the question: Overdrive’s Big Library Read!

KTT The big library ReadNow we all know that eBooks are now an accepted and popular way to experience the written word. What better way to experience this phenomenon than with a global love-in and read-in with the Bard?

As of right now you can go to the OverDrive website and check out Shakespeare Saved My Life : Ten Years in Solitary with the Bard by Laura Bates as part of the Big Library Read. The Big Library Read allows unlimited check outs until the end of March on a selected eBook in OverDrive libraries the world over. For example, somewhere in Ireland a beautiful Irish Colleen is reading this eBook just as you could be! Cosmic!

The eBook itself looks fabulous. Kirkus reviews calls it:

An eye-opening study reiterating the perennial power of books, self-discipline, and the Bard of Avon.

Basically the eBook is about how a Shakespeare professor and prison volunteer called Laura Bates decides to teach Shakespeare in solitary confinement. Here she creates an unlikely bond with Larry Newton, a convicted murderer with several escape attempts under his belt and an agile mind on his shoulders. Thus begins the most unlikely of friendships.

Sounds brilliant. All you need is your library card number and password/PIN and you will have a happy alternative to watching that horrendous TV programme The Bachelor NZ which I definitely do not watch…

Punch Historical Archive 1841-1992 : laughter through the tears?

PNCH-1917-0131-0005-FHow did Punch, the world’s most celebrated magazine of humour and satire deal with the difficult subject of World War One? The Punch Historical Archive provides an interesting example of how comedy could be employed in a cathartic role against the fear and grief caused by the war on the home front.

When the war started Punch was very pro-war, making fun of some of the key figures in the conflict such as Austria and the Kaiser. As the war drags on though the imagery shifts from sharply satirical cartoons of a bloodthirsty Kaiser to a touching picture of a wistful Tommy in the trenches as the civilian population begins to get increasingly disillusioned. Punch took its lead from its readership as the war dragged on and the change in its content and world famous cartoons reflect this. Some said it started to stick to safer topics such as the social cost of the war with weedy degenerate shirkers and inappropriately dressed women (i.e. as men) who had entered the workforce becoming the new targets.

If you are looking for a different vision of World War One then this archive is a great place to start for researchers and students. Have a gander today and read through a magazine that aimed to keep the home fires burning in the most desperate of circumstances.

See our page on WW100 commemorations.

Freegal Friday: Old and new

Christchurch music lovers – every week get your Freegal on and download your three free music MP3s.

Bobby Womack Cover of Fiona Apple Cover of Squeeze me Cover of Black Messiah Cover of Ginny Blackmore Cover of Meghan Trainor

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An electronic marriage – Origins and Find My Past

Christchurch has a large array of electronic, print and people resources for those wishing to discover their family history whether it be a lost branch of a family tree, a birthplace or a story. The family history electronic resources are very popular for those just starting out on their search or for those looking for that one random link that can make everything fall into place.

Due to this any changes to those resources can see a flurry of questions so please be aware that Origins has disappeared! Origins specialised in unusual and often hard to find British and Irish records. Its many early records include rare marriage indexes, apprentices and poor law records. All this information is not lost, it has just been “consumed” by Find My Past. The merger will see all of the Origins information including the National Wills Index combined with the Find My Past material into a mega family history resource under the Find My Past banner.

So one search and more results – just another way your life is getting easier (online anyway).

Older man at PC

Have a play and find the black sheep in your family today.

How are you shaping up for the new year?

Some make New Year’s resolutions, some resolve never to make New Year’s resolutions, either way now’s a good time to take stock of your well-being.

Whether you are returning to work from holiday or worked through the holiday period, this time of year is a tricky period of readjustment to family and work expectations. If you are feeling in a rut or envying the work life balance of others it is time to make some gains on your own plans. So get some tools and set some targets to get you to there, whether that be health and fitness wise or making gains on that long-planned outdoor adventure.

A great place to start is our very own Zinio for libraries take a look at these beauties and you get to keep each and every one of them. So no more excuses! You can download these, with your library card and PIN.

Search the catalogue for more titles available on Zinio.

Good January 01, 2015NZ life & leisure January 01, 2015Bicycling January 01, 2015Runner's world January 01, 2015Yoga journal January 01, 2015Running for beginners January 01, 2015Men's fitness January 01, 2015healthy food guide February 01, 2015Working mother October 01, 2014Spirituality & Health Magazine January 01, 2015Good health February 01, 2015mountian bike rider February 01, 2015






Freegal Friday: How to keep your husband happy ?!

Christchurch music lovers – every week get your Freegal on and download your three free music MP3s.

Cover of Slash Cover of Carrie Underwood Cover of the Go gos Cover of Debbie Drake Cover of the Kinks Cover of Korn

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As Dylan said the times they are a changin. Nowhere is this more true than in the world of technology. By the time a print book is out on a technical topic it may already be out of date, missing a recent upgrade or off trend. This is where the latest electronic offering to Christchurch City Libraries comes in –!

With over 5,800 courses and 260,000 tutorials on software, creative and business skills, users of any skill level can take on bite-size tutorials for immediate problem solving or comprehensive courses on hundreds of topics.

With you can:

  • Keep up to date with technology and gain multimedia, design, web development, and social media skills;
  • Build career-boosting business know-how by exploring hundreds of topics in management, leadership, and marketing;
  • Watch videos that have been constructed by industry experts;
  • Create playlists and read a long with closed-captioned transcripts—or search the text to quickly find information within a course.

What does this mean to you? can be used either from home or in libraries to allow everyone to keep ahead of technical and business trends and updates. All you need is a library card number and password/PIN and a desire to learn.

PressDisplay – unlimited access and joy

showimage.aspxOne of our most popular electronic resources PressDisplay has been a victim of its own success for some time now. In the morning between 7am and 9am people were getting turned away from the site as it was simply too busy. Apparently lots of you like to read the Press over your Weetbix in the morning and it was overloading the system!

Luckily we have been granted a wonderful New Year’s gift with unlimited access now available to PressDisplay. No more turnaways, no more disappointments – just online newsy happiness to be had by all! Well, as much happiness that the news can ever bring …

All you need is to be in a library or access it from home with your library card number and password/PIN

Keep informed and keep reading!

PS: In case you haven’t noticed PressDisplay has added over 800 online magazines to its title collection including NZ Fishing World, Top Gear (UK), Healthy Food Guide (NZ), Cross Stitch … Joy!

Freegal fantastic soundtracks

Christchurch music lovers – every week get your Freegal on and download your three free music MP3s. This week we’re checking out a few soundtracks.

Cover of Supernatural-Seasons-1-5 Gigi-Original-Soundtrack Batman-under-the-red-hood Blue-Bros-2000 Lethal-Weapon Tarantino-movie-classics Friday-Night-Lights Call-the-midwife JC-superstar