givUS – funding for your group, club or organisation

Lots of organisations are underfunded. There is always a raffle ticket or chocolate bar to buy to support a school or sporting group trying to raise funds. Not for profit organisations that help society’s most vulnerable people are always looking for funding.

Through Christchurch City Libraries you can access givUS, Generosity NZ platform that offers access to more than 1,200 grants and schemes for communities, volunteer organisations, schools, groups, sport clubs and Iwi. Find assistance for nearly everything including:

  • Operational costs
  • Building redevelopment
  • Sports uniforms, and trips
  • Arts and cultural programmes
  • Support services for communities
  • Environmental preservation.

So if you belong to a community group, voluntary organisation, sports club or even need to raise money for your local school, and don’t want to sell raffle tickets, chocolate or pies. Go to givUS via the Christchurch City Libraries website, sign up and start searching for that funding.