Armageddon – No, not the end of the world…

“Woo-hoo,” I said to my friend “Armageddon’s happening 11th and 12th March, yayee!”

Inexplicably she looked worried, “But I’m not ready for the end of the world yet!”

Ooh, we are obviously talking about two different events – the one I want to go to is the Armageddon Entertainment Expo which is happening in Christchurch at the Horncastle Arena, costs $15 to get in (or $6 for children aged 5-12 years), and involves lots of fun, not the one talked about in the Book of Revelations…

The Guest list shows some great people will be there:

Cover of The Scions of Shannara Cover of The Fellowship of the Ring Cover of A song of Ice and fire Cover of Snowglobe 7, Doctor Who

Or try the following –


2 thoughts on “Armageddon – No, not the end of the world…

  1. Kirsty Homes 7 March 2017 / 2:14 pm

    So excited for this!!! Keen to take you to this mum 🙂

    Sadly I heard due to illness Deborah Wattling is unable to make it though, but still plenty to go see

    • Donna 8 March 2017 / 8:46 am

      Thanks for letting us know Kirsty, I’ve taken mention of Deborah out of the post.

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