George LeBrun up ladder at McLean’s Mansion: Picturing Canterbury

George LeBrun up a ladder at McLean's mansion
George_LeBrun_up_ladder_at_McLean_Institute_building_Manchester_St_ChCh, CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 NZ. Kete Christchurch. Entry in the 2014 Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt by Sandra Serra.

George LeBrun, plumber, working on the roof of the McLean’s Mansion. Note the ropes on either side of the ladders to keep it steady, the only visible sign of health and safety requirements in those days. No hard hat, no Hi Viz vest, no cones, no harness. I am told that when transporting these long ladders 2 apprentices would carry it, each on his own bicycle with the ladder on his shoulder along with tool bags. Must have been interesting negotiating corners!

McLeans Mansion, 387 Manchester St, was completed in September 1900, but in recent years has been threatened with demolition. Recently plans were released to turn the building into an art gallery.

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