Black Swans on the Estuary, October 2011: Picturing Canterbury

Black swans on the Estuary October 2011 .
Swans and other birds on the South Brighton Estuary. Photo taken 12 October 2011 by Donna Robertson. File Ref: Black_swans_on_the_Estuary__12_October_2011_325.jpg , Kete Christchurch, CC BY-NC-SA 3.00

In August 1864 the City Council’s Committee on Swans decided to import black swans to help control watercress in the Avon/Otakaro River. However the swans preferred a different habitat and soon left for other areas.

Kete Christchurch is a collection of photographs and stories about Christchurch and Canterbury, past and present. Anyone can join and contribute.

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