Written from the heart – Jenny Pattrick’s Heartland, our Community Read

HeartlandI wonder what it must feel like to have your book selected for the Library Community Read? To put your head on the pillow at night secure in the knowledge that all over Canterbury there will be folk propped up in bed, all of them reading your book.  Or readers will be meeting up at book groups to chat about it, and fans planning to attend events where you will be the guest of honour.

Because that’s exactly what has happened to Jenny Pattrick whose novel Heartland has been selected as the 2016 Library Community Read.

I know that I would be chuffed as, veering from inwardly proud to outwardly something of a pain in the proverbial. But it’s not going to happen to me. Instead, I get to read this marvellously heart warming book, host an event at Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre which Jenny will be attending, and generally faff around getting caught up in this great event.

The Denniston RoseFor someone who only started to write at the age of sixty, Jenny has turned out to be something of a role-model for creative seniors and New Zealand writers in general. Heartland is her tenth book. Well known for her works Heart of Coal and The Denniston Rose, she is also the author of popular children’s book The Very Important Godwit.

If you’ve ever driven through any beautiful, small New Zealand town, stopped for a mince and cheese pie and an L&P, then  wandered over to the Estate Agent notice board and turned to your significant other and said: ‘this is a great little place, and look at the house prices – we should move here!‘ then you will love this book.

It’s got everything. But most of all it’s got heart. Or as Danny the main character would put it: WooHoo!

Find out more about the Community Read

  • Book chat, tea and tales with Jenny Pattrick. Thursday 18 August, 10am to 11.30am. Read Jenny’s book Heartland. Find out more.
  • Experience Jenny Pattrick’s book Heartland brought to life by The Court Jesters.
    Drinks and nibbles from 6.30pm. Friday 19 August 7pm to 9pm.
    Find out more.
  •  Join Jenny for a special interactive, toe-tapping storytime featuring the enchanting The Very Important Godwit. Fly in with the whole family to enjoy a musical storytelling extravaganza! Saturday 20 August 2pm to 3pm. Find out more.

Community Read

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