Winter Sun, Christchurch Cathedral, 1969 : Picturing Canterbury

Winter sun warms Christchurch Cathedral, 1969. Entry in the 2015 Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt by Paul Harrington. Kete Christchurch PH15-PaHa-Winter-Sun-Christchurch-Cathedral-1969. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 NZ

Kete Christchurch is a collection of photographs and stories about Christchurch and Canterbury, past and present. Anyone can join and contribute.

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Science Snippets – Illuminating

Each week during term time (except the first and last week) the team from Science Alive bring their Science Snippets sessions into our libraries. Excellent Science Alive educators lead children through interactive activities to stimulate their interest in science, and there is something to take home every week!

There is a different theme for each session and this coming week from Monday 20 June it’s Illuminating. This week’s theme ties into the Lyttelton Harbour Festival of Lights which runs from 18-27 June. Check out our page about the Lyttelton Harbour Festival of Lights. 

You are sure to learn all about light and do some fun experiments with light.

Cover of Glaring light and other eye-burning raysHere are some great nonfiction books that we have in the library if you want to learn more about light:

Cover of The game of lightHere are some stories about light and darkness to read too:

We also have some fantastic eResources with heaps of information about light. Check these out:

  • Britannica Library Kids – a search for ‘light’ gives you information about light, with different levels of information for different ages.
  • Logo for National Geographic kidsNational Geographic Kids – a search for ‘light’ gives you some great information from the National Geographic Kids magazine as well as access to several eBooks about light.
  • World Book Kids – a search for ‘light’ gives you some basic information about light, along with some suggestions for other topics you might like to look at for more information.

For more information about Science Alive’s Science Snippets check out Science Alive on our website.