Cool stuff from the selectors: Children’s books

5 new children’s books in Braille by Dorling Kindersley

The DK Braille series is fully endorsed by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (UK). Designed especially for visually-impaired children and their parents, these tactile reference books are a wonderful way for curious readers to learn and discover.

9781465436115Our Children’s selector was very excited to see these titles as there has been very little published by mainstream publishers in the past for sight-impaired children and these are by far, in typical DK fashion, superior than other titles she has seen.

A variety of techniques, other than braille are used to make the reading experience come alive to the sight impaired reader. Titles include:

See our list of children’s books in Braille.

9780385373258Beatrix Potter & the unfortunate tale of a borrowed guinea pig Deborah Hopkinson

A delightful and quirky account of the animals in the Young Beatrix Potter’s household, in particular an unexpected mishap to Miss Nina Paget’s Guniea Pig while in Beatrix’s charge. Beautifully illustrated by Charlotte Voake.

Under Earth, under water  Alexsandra Mizielińska

There is lots to explore and discover with this book. One sitting was not enough … Check out its website to learn more about this fascinating book. 

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