“Wear only one interesting piece of clothing at a time”

Supported by the strength of a cult following of dedicated, fashion‐forward young men around the globe, designer Mark McNairy has risen from an under‐the‐radar favorite to a driving force in contemporary American style

9780062377401 Mark McNairy’s book F**K Ivy has hit the library shelves. (As the title might indicate the book is not for those of you who prefer their books expletive free).  Mr McNairy sees himself as the sort of guy who tells it like it is – bad words and all.

He starts off with thoughts on jeans –  “Levis … Period”.

How to care for jeans? “Don’t wash them.  Dirt is like cool” … and remember that “your cap does not have to match your sneakers”.

This is a book to pick up and read in ten minutes with plenty of pictures and often just a few words on each page.  I quite like his style, it’s simple, based on tradition with a twist, and his clothes are not made in 3rd world sweatshops.  He is however a man full of contradictions. In one breath he announces that rules are supposed to be broken, and then proclaims that you  should never, never, never button the bottom on any jacket, and that brown brogues are the first pair of proper shoes you should buy.

So if you like your fashion with a touch of grit, mixed in with some humour, confidence, and attitude (plus  few choice words) then check Mark McNairy out.

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