Recent necrology, April 2016

Some well-known people who have died recently:

  • Ernestine Anderson, 1928-2016
    Jazz singer who was equally at home in jazz, blues and classic American popular song
  • Brian Asawa, 1966-2016
    Asian-American countertenor who helped bring the repertoire for his voice into the 21st century
  • Cover of The SixtiesJenny Diski, 1947-2016
    Author who survived a bleak childhood to become one of the most inventive, original and disturbing writers of her generation
  • Guy Hamilton, 1922-2016
    Film director who mastered the genre blockbuster, finding his true metier in four of the James Bond series
  • Alan Loveday, 1928-2016
    New Zealand-born violinist who for half a century was a mainstay of London musical life
  • Whai Ngata, 1942-2016
    Māori broadcasting pioneer, great-grandson of Sir Apirana Ngata
  • Tessa Ward, 1958-2016
    Christchurch writer who collaborated with Rodney Wells in books on heritage buildings
  • Arnold Wesker, 1932-2016
    Playwright, one of the angry young men of the British post-war dramatic revival
  • Cover of Victoria's EmpireVictoria Wood, 1953-2016
    British stand-up comic and chanteuse of bittersweet songs
  • Guy Woolfenden, 1937-2016
    English composer, head of music at the Royal Shakespeare Company for 35 years

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