Hunt for the Wilderpeople vs Country Calendar?

9781743487143Last Sunday night I was at Alice’s Cinema watching Hunt for the Wilderpeople, while Saturday night I was at home watching Country Calendar! The sublime to the ridiculous you might think, but both in their own ways were a delight. I agree with the reviews (including our own) that Hunt For the Wilderpeople is a wonderful romp, lots of laughs and a salute to the great outdoors and the people who make it their own.

CoverCountry Calendar does this without the car chases, but features many interesting and varied people who work on the land. Frank Torley, the man behind the voice of many an episode, was featured on Saturday and seeing him on his own piece of land and hearing his story was made all the more poignant by the fact that he has recently died.

If you like a bit of a good yarn you can wallow in the Country Calendar DVDs, read biographies of the varied people who have worked the land over the years, or listen to some good old country music.  You could even have a go at creating your very own outdoor experience in your own back yard.

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