International Women’s Day 2016 – Pledge for parity

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on 8 March each year. This global day connects women around the world and aims to inspire them to achieve their full potential. The day celebrates the collective power of women past, present and future.  In 2016 the theme is Pledge for Parity.

International Women's Day

The first International Women’s Day was celebrated in Europe in 1911 on 19 March. More than one million men and women attended rallies to campaign for women’s rights and to end discrimination.

Library resources

Have a look at our booklist of books we love by and about women.

The following subject headings link to titles about the history of women and their rights:

Christchurch City Libraries also has copies of magazines such as Ms. For more women’s studies and feminist magazines, search Feminism — periodicals.

Cover of Men explain things to me Cover Cover of How to be a woman Cover of Vagenda Cover of What should we tell our daughters? Cover of Everyday sexism


Contemporary Women’s Issues
This resource offers full-text articles that bring together content from mainstream magazines, “grey” literature, and the alternative press — with a focus on the critical issues and events that influence women’s lives in more than 190 countries.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context
This resource offers full-text articles from many perspectives on major contentious social, political, and technological issues. Some topics that particularly affect women are the gender gap, women’s health, and women’s rights.

Internet Gateway listing of sites including women in business, women’s and gender studies and women’s health

Women’s societies and clubs
Local groups for women listed on our community information directory CINCH.

Women and the vote in New Zealand

Kate Sheppard memorial
Kate Sheppard memorial. Friday 19 September 2014. Flickr 2014-09-19-IMG_2216

New Zealand was the first self-governing country in the world to grant the vote to all adult women. Search the library catalogue for books on suffragists and women’s suffrage.

New Zealand women and the vote
Information on women and suffrage from New Zealand History Online.

Women’s Suffrage Petition
The petition was organised in 1893, and was described by Kate Sheppard as “a monster petition” demanding the right for women to vote. A digital image of the actual petition held at National Archives. Search for the names of women who signed the petition at New Zealand History Online.

Women’s Suffrage Movement
Article from 1966 An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand, edited by A. H. McLintock.

Kate Sheppard

Christchurch’s Kate Sheppard was the leader and main figurehead of the suffragist movement in New Zealand.

Kate Sheppard
Books about Kate Sheppard in our catalogue.

Kate Sheppard and Votes for Women
Information about Kate Sheppard’s life and work.

A tool you need: Publications Finder

Are you a student? Researcher? A curious lifetime learner? Then you need to know about this. Imagine you were looking for an article in a particular journal or you want to know if we have online access to a certain magazine? Where do you go? The best place to start is with Publications Finder where you can search or browse most of Christchurch City Libraries eResource full text and open access publications. Journals, magazines and newspapers are all here in their full text glory for you to explore.

There are a variety of ways to search including keyword, an A-Z title browse and by discipline. For example if I searched for the American Journal of Art Therapy then I could see it was full text in six different eResources including Health Source where I could access the 2001 article I was looking for on the “Contribution of art therapy in the treatment of agoraphobia with panic disorder”.

If library staff walked around with a tool belt attached to their hip then the catalogue would be the hammer, eResources Discovery Search (eDS) the drill, and Publications Finder the screwdriver! If you know how to use this wonderful trinity then the world is really at your fingertips. There is nothing you can’t find out at any time of the day from anywhere in the World. Just remember the tool belt itself is a library card, your entry to the building blocks of world domination!